Discussing Suicidal Thoughts with Someone

Talking to somebody may seem like a daunting prospect. You may feel uncomfortable and ask yourself how do you go about it? All you need do is to know the right words to say at the right time. Here is the drift. Give the person a chance to express themselves. Give the listening ears and pay close attention to whatever they have to say. Let them know that you care about them. Talking down on an individual with suicidal thought literally mean you might be needing a suicide scene cleanup service expert pretty soon. Just as the name implies, these experts deal in cleanup following the death of someone who took his or her own life.

Anyone with suicidal thought is usually feeling overwhelming mental anguish and emotional pain. Giving them the opportunity to freely express themselves and discuss their thoughts and feelings shows that you truly care about them. Once this sets in, they have a feeling that you can find a probable solution to their problem.

Start the Conversation the Right Way

Ask the individual if they have been having suicide thoughts or if they are feeling suicidal. Many still believe in the misconception that speaking directly with an individuals who has suicidal thoughts will keep the idea of committing suicide long in their head. This is not the case. Rather, discuss suicide openly and honestly. Let them know the things you’ve taken note of and genuinely ask how they are feeling. These questions, when put out rightly, can help shape your directions to providing the help they need. So how do you get started with the conversation? Use these ideas

I’m worried about you. I’m wondering if we can talk about what’s troubling you.

I’ve noticed that you haven’t been yourself lately, is everything OK with you?

You seem really unhappy lately. I’m worried that you might be thinking of hurting yourself. Can we talk about this?

Showing Concern

There are many ways to express concern and show that you care when dealing with someone with suicidal thoughts

Let the suicidal loved one know that you are concerned about their overall wellbeing. Often, knowing someone else’s cares enough to become involved and  

listen to them can be comforting to a suicidal loved one.

Let them know you notice a few behavioral changes. Let them know if they mentioned anything or phrase that have them away

Don’t be judgmental. Let the person know what you have observed. If become judgmental, the suicidal loved one might feel embarrassed. Worst case scenario, they will isolate themselves and find it hard to trust anyone with their feelings.

Be honest and genuine in your concerns.

Things to Keep In Mind After Expressing Your Concern

Let them know you understand what they are going through

Be respectful and courteous

Maintain eye contact

Do not interrupt when they are talking. Pay attention and listen attentively

Do not shrug off their problems. Let them know you are taking the issue seriously

Let them understand that although they might be feeling suicidal but they do not have to tread that path.

Make them feel hopeful.

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