Unattended Death Cleanup: Understanding the Nitty-Gritty of the Process

Unattended death cleanup is a multistep process that imbibes meticulously executed removal of potential biohazards in the environment. An important mantra to remember is that biohazards pose health risks when left unattended. For that reason, unattended death cleaners should check the floorings, upholstery, padding, and furniture on affected property.

Inherently complex and difficult, unattended death cleanup is strictly carried out by professionals in the field. When someone dies on a property, for example, there may be bodily discharge such as blood and solids. Although it might be a difficult situation for the family, the body must be disposed as soon as it is discovered.

Where Professional Cleaners Are Needed

Many unattended deaths end up with decomposing bodies, which by nature, are risky to inhabitants. Therefore, unattended death cleanup is not a DIY process. Biological materials have the tendency to seep through different surfaces and fabrics when handled by novices, apart from the health hazards. A corpse on a property releases unpleasant smell with airborne bacteria as the decomposition stage proceeds. In ideal weather conditions, a decomposing body is harmful to inhabitants of affected property within a few hours.

If such a body is handled by the wrong hands, the effect will only spread in a few days to furniture, clothes, and appliances in the home. More so, it is relatively strenuous to restore the contaminated items to good condition when remediation doesn’t occur immediately.

Unattended death cleanup is executed by trained and insured specialists, especially across biohazard remediation processes. Before the remediation process begins, the cleaners wear suitable PPE that are in accordance with OSHA standards. The cleaning stage is also executed with safety rules and specific disinfection.

In extreme cases, the affected property and structures are eventually evacuated. Unattended death cleaners have specific training modules that prepare them for difficult scenarios. Another stage in the remediation process is the deodorization, disinfection, and cleaning of the decomposing body. Upon completing the process, the property owner gets a certificate which guarantees the safety of the home in cases of reselling. Again, fluorescence testing is performed to ascertain the level of sanitization.

Modus Operandi of Unattended Death Cleaners

By pedigree, unattended death cleaners are professionals who are trained to handle corpses and empathize with the bereaved or property owner. The process starts with a ‘sit-down’ with the clients where the technicians explain in details, the requirements of the project. Cleaning up unattended deaths is as stomach churning as it sounds – once the body is abandoned for a few days, the natural decomposition process begins, resulting in decay. In a matter of days, biological decomposition presents itself as unpleasant liquid drips from the rot. The site is both unpleasant and disturbing to the mind and health.

In conclusion; unattended death cleanup is a series of complex processes that are best handled by experts who can avert health risks in the environment. Hence, you have to contact reliable technicians if you discover a corpse on your property.

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