Preparing For an Unattended Death Cleanup: What the Experts Do

The task of carrying out an unattended death cleanup is one that takes on many forms because of the different types of ways that a person might die. A person doesn’t always die the way you might expect – if you were even expecting it at all, which often you aren’t. However, no matter what form death takes, you are left with performing cleanup in its aftermath. This is when you normally call on the professionals to help you. What makes them the right people to call?

Why the Professionals?

It is always in your best interest to call on professional help if you ever want a crime scene cleaned. In many cases, crime scenes are ladened with urine, blood and other bodily fluids that could be containing harmful bloodborne pathogens. If the deceased therefore was a carrier of diseases such as HIV, hepatitis or others that could be transmitted via blood and bodily fluids, then whoever is cleaning up the scene faces the risk of becoming contaminated as well.

The expert cleaners, however, are aware of these sorts of risks whenever they perform a death cleanup and thus come fully prepared. How?

For these cleaners, the key to being experts at the job they do is practice. Not on real death scenes though, but on simulated ones for a start. Thus before they step foot on any real crime scene, they would have had a lot of practice on the ones that have been designed but nonetheless detailed enough for their training.

In carrying out a death cleanup also there are equipment that a cleaner must possess. This equipment includes several technological tools that help the cleaners get a better reach into otherwise accessible areas of the death scene and thus do a better job.

The experts also ensure their safety by going throughHazmattraining. This training enables them to be able to use their PPEs effectively while on death scenes. They are thus able to put into full use the protective gears such as Hazmatsuits, protective boots, rubber gloves, oxygen masks, and others that they have at their disposal.

And finally, they also have means of efficiently disposing of whatever hazardous waste they clean off the crime scene. This is very important if the cleanup process is to described as complete.

In the course of an unattended death cleanup, there might be need to remove many

items on the property that have been very compromised by bodily fluids and are beyond remediation. These could range from ornamental items like a table cloth to home essentials such as floorboards and curtains. These items cannot just be thrown in the waste bin outside the house for reasons more than one. These include safety and legal reasons.

Thus there is the need for special disposal arrangement to be made so that these items can be transported and incinerated in special sites that have been designed for such hazardous waste. And no one is more prepared than a professional crime scene cleaning company in such cases.

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