Crypto and the Advertising Revolution: How Blockchain is Disrupting the Ad World

Josh is a multidisciplinary marketer and media expert with over ten years of experience.

Do you wanna get paid for your data instead of having it sold to the highest bidder? Then it’s time to turn to crypto. 

One of the biggest challenges facing the advertising industry today is trust. Consumers are savvier than they’ve ever been about online privacy. And platforms have tightened up their privacy measures, siding with consumer desire. Unlike in the past, advertisers have to work hard to build trust with consumers increasingly wary of sharing their data online. This is where blockchain technology comes in, providing a decentralized platform for transparent, secure, and unchangeable transactions. Because blockchain works like a digital escrow, there’s accountability all around. 

Using blockchain, advertisers can build trust with consumers by giving them more control over their data. In addition, with the rise of crypto, consumers can now get paid for sharing their data to receive targeted ads more relevant to their interests. That said, Harvard Business Review reports consumers’ wariness may worsen if micropayments take off. But blockchain is more than just a platform for micro-payments and data sharing. It also provides a new level of accountability and transparency for advertisers. With smart contracts, advertisers can ensure their ads are displayed to the right audience at the right time. This eliminates intermediaries and creates a more efficient and cost-effective advertising ecosystem. 

Another area where blockchain transforms advertising is the fight against ad fraud. Ad fraud cost the industry $65 billion in 2021. It’s been a major pest of the ad industry for decades. And an entire industry has been built around ad quality. But with blockchain, advertisers can create a transparent and auditable system that tracks every impression and click, ensuring that they only pay for legitimate traffic. The rise of crypto is also changing how advertisers think about content. With the ability to create and distribute digital assets (NFTs or “non-fungible tokens” on the blockchain, advertisers can create more engaging and interactive ads that provide a better user experience. This opens up new opportunities for advertisers to connect with their audience more meaningfully. With over ten years of experienceworking in media, Josh knows how to mitigate ad waste and drive business goals forward efficiently. 

Of course, challenges still need to be addressed before blockchain can fully realize its potential in the advertising industry. These include – as with any new tech – issues around scalability, interoperability, and user adoption. But as the technology continues to mature and more companies invest in blockchain solutions, we can expect a tectonic shift in how advertising is done. Blockchain technology and crypto may change the face of advertising by providing more transparency, accountability, and security for advertisers and consumers alike. With the ability to create more relevant and engaging ads, as well as to build trust with consumers by providing them with more control over their data, the rise of crypto is creating a new era of more efficient, resonant, and user-friendly advertising. With over ten years of experienceworking with major brands, Josh knows how to make resonant and impactful advertising. 

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