Additional Payments for Yacht Rental: What’s Included and What’s Not

When renting a yacht, it’s essential to know what the rental contract includes and what additional payments are required. In this article, we’ll break down the different aspects of a yacht rental contract and the additional payments that may apply.

What’s Included in the Cost of Renting a Yacht

The rental cost of a yacht includes the basic equipment and inventory needed for sailing. This includes sails, navigational instruments, radio equipment, electrical equipment, and chargers. Additionally, the list of basic equipment includes all the extra equipment that comes with the yacht, such as watermakers, generators, and electric winches.

Apart from equipment, the cost of renting a yacht must also include the following:

  • General yacht insurance
  • Safety equipment like life jackets, fire extinguishers, and rocket launchers
  • All kitchen utensils and utensils designed for the number of crew members
  • Household appliances like refrigerators, gas stoves, and microwave ovens
  • Pillows and blankets for each crew member
  • Nautical charts and sailing directions
  • Rubber boat with oars
  • Parking at the marina on the first and last night

Additional Payments for Yacht Rental

The following items are not included in the rental cost of a yacht and require additional payments:

Mandatory Options:

  1. Final cleaning – 50-300 euros
  2. Transitlog – 100-300 euros

Transitlog is an official document issued for each yacht charter, giving the right to sail in the territorial waters of a given country.

Optional List of Options:

  1. Bed linen – 5-15 euros per person
  2. Towels – 5-10 euros per person
  3. Dinghy outboard engine – 60-150 euros per week
  4. Grid on handrail – 50 euros. Ordered when traveling with children and pets
  5. Pillows in the cockpit – 50-100 euros
  6. Crew change – 50-150 euros. Necessary paperwork when changing crew for the second or subsequent week of the yacht charter, if the captain does not change
  7. Reception of the yacht on Sunday – 80-150 euros. Some companies take an additional payment if the yacht is accepted not on Saturday but on Sunday.
  8. Deposit insurance – 100-450 euros + security deposit. Option to not leave the full amount of the security deposit for the yacht
  9. Van-wei – 100-1000 euros. When ordering a yacht charter, when the point of departure is different from the point of arrival
  10. Skipper services – 150-300 euros per day
  11. Hostess services – 80-200 euros per day
  12. Cook services – 100-300 euros per day
  13. Pets on board – 100-150 euros per week
  14. WiFi on board the yacht – 30-80 euros per week
  15. Transfer order from the airport to the yacht base
  16. Order products
  17. Additional sails (gennaker, spinnaker) – 100-300 euros per week + security deposit
  18. Water skis, kayaks, snorkels, fishing tackle – 10-200 euros per week
  19. Car parking at the marina
  20. Additional travel fees
  21. Permits to visit nature reserves
  22. Fee for participation in the regatta


When renting a yacht, it’s crucial to understand what’s included in the rental cost and what additional payments are required. The rental contract should specify all the necessary equipment and inventory, as well as the mandatory and optional payments. Make sure to read the contract carefully and clarify any questions with the yacht rental company to avoid hidden fees or require payment for additional services that are usually included in the rental price. To avoid such situations, it is recommended to choose a reputable and reliable charter company that has clear and transparent pricing policies.

Before signing the contract, it is advisable to compare prices and options offered by different companies to find the best deal. It is also recommended to read reviews and feedback from previous customers to get an idea of the company’s reputation and customer service.

In summary, when renting a yacht, it is important to understand all the costs involved and carefully read the contract to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Choosing a reputable and transparent charter company can save you money and provide a stress-free sailing experience.

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