What is the future of cryptocurrency?

I have known it for a long time, because in the past few months, I wrote some [blockchain] (coin circle) answers, and the number of followers has increased by more than ten times. Many media and public relations companies feel

that I have written well and actively invite me to write articles. I am also thinking about why I can get a lot of attention. Generally speaking, there are only two points. First, there are more people with higher level than me, but

most of them disdain to write in the currency circle, or are unwilling Writing is too superficial, so there are fewer people who can understand their advanced thoughts. And these people are generally busy, and there are not many

people who have been idle for a long time like me recently. Second, most people in the currency circle are more resistant to rational speculation, because this will lead to missed opportunities to make a fortune or scare away their

target customer groups. So neither leeks nor sickles like to discuss the truth. Combining these two points, I can think rationally and use superficial language to express the currency circle, and I became the general drawn out of the dwarf.

What is the prospect of the currency circle? What will happen to the development trend? Some scholars have launched a deep and grand narrative, triggering changes in production relations, and promoting the development of

productivity. It sounds like this is a very long-term problem. Is there anything that can be referred to in history? Learning history is not to miss, but to reflect the present. Let us use history as a mirror, see the current situation clearly, and make future-oriented decisions.

The emergence of the currency circle realized that everyone can issue currency. The emergence of this mechanism can actually be compared to the invention of the company system. Every adult citizen can register and establish a

company, and the company name can be clearly marked as limited liability, that is, if it goes bankrupt, it does not need to bear joint and several liabilities other than the company’s assets, and can arbitrarily divide the company’s

shares for transfer. The invention of the limited liability company is the basic system for the achievement of today’s commercial society. Hundreds of years have passed, and so far, of course, many great companies have been born, but

there are still many people who have lost money by buying company shares. Not to mention all kinds of corporatized frauds are emerging in endlessly. So a great system does not mean that you can make a fortune if you

recognize it. This is to say that the Internet is a great invention, but it created the Internet bubble in 2000. Investing in great inventions will end with tears without tears. There is no logical contradiction.

Therefore, don’t hear many experts say that virtual currency is good, and just rush into the currency circle. In the same way, if you lose your fortune in the currency circle, encounter pyramid schemes and various fraud

organizations, it cannot deny the great prospect of this invention. The logic is not enough, everything is a pit. China’s education does not focus on this, how to achieve a great revival.

Everyone can issue currency, and the value of this currency is directly available to the holder. This is the one-sentence rule of virtual currency. It seems very simple. There is a rule similar to this in history. When the Great

West was developed in the United States, everyone could go to the west to occupy land. Occupation means mining. Land property rights are perpetuated. Land management and direct all output belong to owner. This rule aroused

the people’s enthusiasm for production and invested in the cause of the development of the western region. There are many western movies in the United States, and games like Red Dead Redemption, reflecting the development of

the western region. In the 1980s, domestic movie theaters were able to see many such movies, and gave me the first thought lesson. . A common scene in Western movies is a gun battle. The United States legally holds guns. Either

you kill me or I kill you. Compared with the United States today, this picture has a huge gap. The Western Development did not make the United States into the wild, but eventually produced a highly developed civilization,

a harmonious society, full of justice, justice and morality, strangers. The meeting was very polite and friendly (because I don’t know if the other party has a gun). Looking back at this period of history, in the process of western

development, rationality finally prevailed. Western cowboys agreed to duel on the street, one by one, and eventually evolved into highly rational representative politics and deliberative politics. Because the irrational people have been

eliminated, allowing the guns to inspire the irrational people to impulse and make mistakes, resulting in a higher probability of being eliminated. Of course, one person who is dueling can survive, but it does not rule out that he

will find others. Dueling, people who like to duel or provoke constantly self-eliminate. Because everyone holds a gun, and likes to play unruly, play assassinations, insanity, and less sane people, of course they will kill some people,

but they themselves are wiped out the fastest. One goes down and the other grows, and finally reason gradually gains the upper hand. Today’s political civilization in the United States comes from this. Most places in the world

who want to replicate the American system cannot succeed because there is no previous foundation, including equal waste reclamation, and the people cultivated with blood education are highly rational.

Casinos and laoqian actually eliminate gamblers, but the effect is far better than quitting gambling houses and being reasonable. People who have been to Macau will find that the folk customs of this place are relatively simple and

simple. In addition to working in casinos, locals make money. Few people lose money in casinos. Many people who gamble there are tourists from other areas where gambling is strictly prohibited.

The elimination of irrational people must be real, physical and physical, not education, and eventually rationality will prevail. Otherwise, according to the theory of the mobs, rationality is very weak and has no chance of winning.

The irrational elements of the currency circle are mostly, how can it become very rational in the future? Like the Internet, real applications began to emerge after the bubble burst. The bursting of the accelerated currency bubble is

precisely a large number of air coins, which at the same time undertake the task of eliminating irrational people and pushing up the height of rationality. The admiration of air coins like Li Xiaolai is a suitable strategy during the

bubble inflation period, but in the end it will still burst itself. The success of one air coin will lead to the production of ten one hundred air coins. The speed of success is proportional to the speed of its blasting. In fact, making air

coins is not a highly rational choice. The so-called wrong mentality.

Recently, some currency project teams have started to run away. What they did is diligent. They get up every morning like chicken blood and go into battle, but most of their contributions actually belong to Bitcoin. One is to

enhance the confidence of Bitcoin holders, and the other is to enhance the recognition of Bitcoin by the recipients. Every time you run to zero, you are increasing Bitcoin users. Bitcoin itself is not afraid of bubbles, because the

hardest bubble will burst at the end. As the pioneer of the currency circle, Bitcoin is a highly rational product. Its speed of success is inversely proportional to the speed of blasting. There are countless people who wake up in the

dark in order to train users for it. (Various air currency project teams) are based on a complete Selfish driving force, this kind of driving force is constantly working for it, even at the risk of all kinds of illegal lives.

The last surviving currency in the currency circle is a highly rational founder who can eliminate all trivial thoughts and realize that cheating is not the way out. Since last year, projects that pay tribute to Bitcoin have begun to

emerge. The style and style of painting are very different from the projects that claim to kill Bitcoin by various indicators. This is like a spark on the wild land. This is a return, but it also opened a new page. Of course, there is

still a long way to go. The old versions of scams in the currency circle have been corpses all over the country and come to an end. Next, let us wait for all kinds of new versions of scams. Come on stage with a makeover.

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