The job skills required by Bitcoin miners An annual income of more than 50,000 US dollars

Approximately 6.25 bitcoins can be generated every 10 minutes. In order to receive these rewards, the global miner team contributed their computer computing power to power the algorithm. However, these miners do not cooperate, but compete with each other, hoping to unlock a new batch of bitcoins first.

Therefore, Sears’s challenges are very high, and he must therefore diligently learn how to solve the problems that may arise in the entire facility in order to succeed in this field. Some mining sites use more sophisticated software to monitor machines, including monitoring the temperature of each computer unit, but for Sears, the most important thing is to detect whether its machines are working under full load.

Sears explained, “Every day you will find hardware that stops mining, and then you need to take it off the shelf, troubleshoot and deal with it.”

Sears added that power outages may affect all equipment, and network interruptions may also affect all equipment, or only some equipment.” Sometimes, they only need a power cycle or restart. “

On the other hand, Hiller explained, “Sometimes it may be that the cooling fan on a single device is broken, or its power supply needs to be repaired or replaced.”

Storms can also cause current interruptions or other disturbances. Hiller said that in the summer, the machine may also overheat, especially in the past two years, upgrades to use more powerful computing equipment in the mine.

Sears’ mine in Washington seems to have found a solution to this problem, that is, using an immersion cooling mode, that is, immersing the Bitcoin mining unit in a non-conductive liquid to dissipate heat, instead of relying on fans.

Training and getting paid

Sears may not need a college degree to engage in mining, but he took an online course offered by a Chinese engineer to help him repair mining equipment.

Sears completed an online course last month to learn how to use the Asex chip and the power supply for the S17. It is reported that S17 is now one of the most common devices used to mine Bitcoin.

Sears explained, “I have a repair certificate, so I am now qualified to officially perform the necessary repairs.”

Sears hopes to participate in a face-to-face course in Atlanta, Georgia to learn more about welding. He said, “The difficult part is learning how to solder and disassemble circuit boards.”

Sears’ boss, Scott Binnett, did a good job of allowing his team to acquire the resources needed to improve their skills.

Binnett is the executive director of SCATE Ventures and the owner of a Bitcoin mining farm. He started this work in his parents’ garage in 2017. At that time, the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies plummeted and Binnett also lived. In a similar data center.

Binett emphasized, “All our facilities are 100% hydraulically driven.” The mining facility where Sears works is adjacent to the Columbia River and adjacent to the Dulles Dam. He also added, “We like this energy. It is cheap, abundant and renewable.”

As for the salary of employees, Sears said that his annual salary is $54,000, and the company also pays him full medical insurance.

Remote mining

You may become a cryptocurrency miner without personal contact with any mining equipment.

Adam Gintzis decided to engage in the industry of mining Bitcoin in early 2021. But when his wife opposed his idea of ​​installing equipment at home, he began to look for alternatives.

He first noticed Compass Mining, a company that provides customers with mining equipment ranging from $5,800 to $11,700, and then places them in the partner’s data center for unified processing.

Gintzis said, “I bought the machines on the website, and Compass Mining was responsible for logistics and transported the machines to 3 different data centers in North America.” He added that he spent nearly 6 months on these machines. Ten thousand U.S. dollars.

Therefore, for miners like Gintzis, the most typical day in their lives is to check online how many bitcoins their machines have mined overnight when they wake up, and to make sure that their equipment has not been damaged.

Gintzis was very impressed with Compass Mining’s business model, so he quit his job at Amazon in March of this year and joined the work team of the Bitcoin mining company.

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