What are Day and Night blinds

Day & Night blinds offer the perfect balancing act between privacy and light control. These fashionable blinds include alternating fabric strips that glide across one another, giving customers the option of choosing a block colour for complete privacy and closure or stripes to subtly filter light and outside views.

Day & Night blinds come in a wide range of stylish colour combinations, allowing you to simply enjoy both a sophisticated look and exceptional functionality. These blinds are a great option for the majority of your favourite areas in your house.

Kitchen Day and Night blinds

Our kitchens serve as areas for cooking, entertaining, and relaxing. Modern kitchens demand a lot of room, therefore they frequently have some of the biggest windows in the house, which lets a lot of light in.

Day & Night blinds blend in beautifully with the design of your kitchen because they provide both light filtering and blackout capabilities. Set the blinds to fashionable stripes to filter sunlight when you want to limit the light while cooking during the day. When you want to relax with a delicious lunch, the block colour will provide you complete privacy.

Living room Day and Night blinds

In a similar vein to the kitchen, living rooms are the ideal place to unwind. Here, the practical advantages of Day & Night blinds will also assist you in maximising your available space. A range of levels in light control is helpful because living rooms are multipurpose areas that can host kids’ play areas and host parties.

Additionally, one of those locations where we truly concentrate on décor is living rooms. Because Day & Night blinds come in such a wide variety of colours, you can change up the patterns and solid colours throughout the day to keep your interiors feeling new and fascinating.

Bedroom Day and Night blinds

Many of us will believe that different light management levels aren’t very significant for bedrooms. We either sleep with the windows open or in the dark, right? Actually, no.

Children now complete a lot of their academic work from their bedrooms, which many of them outfit with home workstations. Although it is commonly recognised that natural light helps with attention, too much of it can make it difficult to focus on displays.Activate the Day & Night blinds. You and your children will be able to maximise your attention time by filtering light while keeping privacy, and when it’s time to unwind, you can again switch your Day & Night blind to the block colour to effectively regulate light. Additionally, you might even profit from some window covering in the bedroom!

Day and Night blinds with curtains

It can be combined with curtains if a Day & Night blind is installed inside the window recess. The living room, dining room, or bedroom are all excellent places in the house to use this combination.

When it comes to relaxing at the end of the day and getting a good night’s sleep, drawing the curtain will block out any last traces of light that are aiding in your unwinding. By adding a curtain to your window, you can easily find the right balance of light during the brighter hours of the day, letting light flood or filter into your room.

Check out our helpful measuring guides to learn more about utilising both a curtain and a recess fit day night blinds by Harmony Blinds of Bristol

Day and Night blinds for the conservatory

Conservatories are areas of the house where we can work, play, and unwind. There is a lot more glass here than in other places, which means even more light! They are therefore the perfect place to use a Day & Night blind.

A Day & Night blind is a functional and aesthetically pleasing blind option for conservatories because of its inherently stripy and block-color design. A Perfect Fit Day & Night blind will enable you to take advantage of the many advantages of these top-notch blinds without the fuss of drilling and screws because many conservatories use uPVC windows.Perfect Fit blinds are easy to install because of its unique design, which allows them to clip right to the window frame. They are therefore a fantastic option for DIY beginners or for anyone who just prefer to stay away from power equipment!

Remote control Day and Night blinds

A contemporary, creative, and thrilling update on these traditional blinds are motorised Day & Night blinds.

If you have a motorised blind, you can adjust it without getting up and stooping over any window-sill decorations. Instead, all it takes is a button press to watch your blind effortlessly rise or fall.

Despite being a significant technological advancement in the window furnishings industry, motorised blinds are incredibly quick and easy to install. Even installing them without an electrician is possible!

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