Choosing which cattle to introduce into your farm is a hard procedure that involves a number of considerations. Failure to adequately consider the livestock’s background, for example, can raise the risk of disease. AQM has the knowledge and experience to assist you find and offer the proper sort of animal for your individual conditions and needs.

We take the trouble out of purchasing and selling cattle by handling the entire transaction for you! Contact us to list your cattle and reach a fresh audience you would not have reached otherwise, saving you time and energy.All animals we source are collected directly from the farm and transported to the buyer, providing optimum biosecurity and greatly lowering the risk of disease while maintaining high welfare standards during transportation.

Sell My Livestock

We provide practically all livestock farmers with a variety of connected services. Calves can be grown to order prior to purchase, and cattle of various sizes and breeds can be kept. We also have commercial and pedigree breeding stock available. Replacement stock bulls for breeding can be purchased and sold without difficulty. Rams, lambs, breeding sheep, boars, weaners, and gilts are also available. We can supply all types of replacement stock and handle all of the hard work!

Full Livestock Services

We at AQM want to make sure you have everything you require while working with animals. In addition to helping our customers find, buy, and deliver animals, we also provide guidance and access to larger industry specialists. We may assist with a variety of tasks, including the marketing of livestock sales at AQM and the replacement of breeding or finishing animals.

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