Transform Your Business With A Virtual Phone Number

When one talks about conventional phone numbers one can only think about sim-cards and landlines. The time of using multiple cell phones to manage your business and an office with long wires running on the floor is long gone. Now, businesses need an all-in-one model that can suffice all of their communication needs.

The virtual Phone Number unifies all the great features thus making your customer’s talking experience easy and convenient. Not only does it profit you with good client’s interaction but also helps in obtaining maximum productivity from your employees. It is a smart, convenient, accessible, safe, and cost-effective business communication solution.

Let us learn how a virtual phone number can improve the communication infrastructure of your business-

If you are a business owner, you might understand what it takes to build a good reputation in the market. Despite having the best PR team, there are certain problems that a customer faces before contacting your company. These problems include long, busy lines, unanswered calls, etc. These things make the customer lose trust in your company as he feels ignored. Virtual number is designed to bring solutions to all such problems.

With the features like call queue, hold music, and voice menu, several callers can hold the call till the employees get the chance to answer their queries. When the people are waiting, the virtual system plays playback music or messages. This tends to distort the client’s time perception and he/she does not have to hear something monotonous which will make the waiting process worse.

With the help of a virtual system, you can reach any team member through extension. This enables you to guide them with ease. Several phone services offer unlimited free extensions like MightyCall. The other services like grasshopper do offer extensions but they are not for free. So, in the battle of Grasshopper vs. MightyCall, the latter always wins.

The features in the virtual phone system also allow recording the calls. So, your client would not need to remember any information. The recorded call contains all the information like the date and time of the call, departments, or the name of the employee that the client has talked to. Other important features like call-forwarding, faxes, voicemail, etc. complete a good communication structure.

There is also a life apart from Business. One also needs to live that. Usually, people running their businesses find it difficult to separate their personal and professional calls. So, a virtual phone makes sure that the business doesn’t mingle into your privacy.

When one has to attend a business call at all costs, blunders like improper tone, wrong phrasing especially when you are traveling can lead to misunderstanding between you and your clients. This indirectly creates a bad image of you in front of him/her. However, Virtual phone numbers associated with your mobile phone make sure that you get to hold the command. 

With the features like call and SMS forwarding, one can easily divert important calls and messages to another employee or representative who is free to attend the call.

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