The Best Drop Shipping Niches

Can you imagine being able to foresee the future and know before anyone else what is the drop shipping niche with which you can earn the most money?

Let’s be more specific and assume that you already know how to start drop shipping.

This implies that you will already have an online store running at full capacity. For months you will have done the hard work of optimization so that it ranks well in Google. And also, so that even more people find you, you will be investing a good amount of money in advertising on Facebook.

Suddenly, you detect that there is a drop shipping niche that begins to grow considerably in Google. Without eating or drinking it, everyone starts to buy that product like crazy, which is why it begins to be sold in a lot of stores. So you regret not having seen a best drop shipping niches with so much potential coming. 

Best Drop Shipping Niches

To know what the untapped market niches may be, you should have the historical data of your drop shipping store.

Below we are going to explain step by step how you can drop ship and also find the best drop shipping niches taking advantage of this tool:

Step 1: Enter an old drop shipping sites Orders section and analyze all orders from the last two or three years. To better see which categories are the most successful or performing best, group all orders by category. In this way, you will see how many sales you have made in each category and thus you can find an interesting drop shipping niche.

Step 2: filter the results by dates, to divide your sales by the year in which they were made.

Step 3: Identify the categories that have the most orders year over year. You can see an example table below (remember that the best category is the one with the number 1)

Step 4: Find the drop shipping niche markets that concentrate the most orders within the most popular categories.

Once you have done this work of filtering and sorting the data, it is time to study which are the most popular niches, which are the categories that generate the most sales, and for how long. 

4 large markets with the most profitable drop shipping niches in 2021

Before we focus on our Spanish-speaking markets, it is a good idea for us to stop – even if only minimally – on the main drop shipping markets.

Regardless of the country in which you are drop shipping, you should know that, in general, these are the most successful categories in almost all countries:

Clothing and accessories for women: it is the category with the most income generated worldwide. Generate the most orders and the highest gross merchandise value for users who are drop shipping with Shopify through the Oberlo app.

Men’s Clothing & Accessories: Not a top order category, but a relevant drop shipping niche when it comes to gross merchandise value.

Health & Beauty:  Almost always at the top of the order list, but not on the gross merchandise value list. This shows that people like to buy a lot of Health & Beauty products, but they are generally low-value products.

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