Things You Probably Don’t Know About Crime Scene Cleanup Service

Things You Probably Don’t Know About Crime Scene Cleanup Service

Not until recently, the task of cleaning up after the death of a loved one is the responsibility of friends and family members. This can be agonizing for many. Crime scene cleanup services started as far back as the 90s when a small group of companies and entrepreneurs decided to tackle this problem heads on, relieving family members of the pain and anguish they pass through while handling this task. in addition to that, it keeps them protected from getting infected. 

Many people don’t know crime scene cleanup service exists – until they have to deal with the death of a loved one who lost his life due to a violent crime. Some scenes can be extremely gory that even the strongest man in the family can’t handle it. At this point, you know it’s high time you engaged crime scene cleanup service providers. This team comprises of iron-stomached technicians who specialize in crime scene cleaning. 

Here are some of the secrets about crime scene cleanup service that you should know

1. Offer Wide Range of Service

Crime scene cleaners offer services that cut across various fields. They aren’t limited to cleaning crime scenes alone. No doubt, they deal with cleaning and sanitizing suicide, unattended deaths and homicides cases. However, with the increasing need for public health and safety, these professionals have expanded their service offerings to include tear gas removal, meth lab cleanup, odor removal, hoarding cleanup, disaster restoration and many more. 

2. Deals with Blood

Before anyone can be certified a crime scene cleaner, he or she might have to undergo rigorous training processes that sometimes have to deal with pig blood. These cleaners are taken to a specialized training facility to give them an idea of what they’re more likely to face at the scene of a real-life event. Trainees have to deal with all types of organic and non-organic types of fake blood. 

3. Use State of the Art Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning up a crime scene or an unattended death requires a high level of experience. Apart from having the right mind frame, you need the right tools and equipment. Some of the cleaning tasks go beyond what your everyday bleaching agent can do. They use chemicals that can disinfect all kinds of viruses, diseases, and germs. They use highly effective enzyme cleaner when dealing with bodily fluids and brain matter which sometimes get hard and stuck to the surface. Household cleaning agents cannot deliver outstanding results; you need highly specialized cleaning tools for this purpose. 

4. Most Scenes Can Be Extremely Chaotic

When dealing with an unattended death, you’re most likely to deal with strong odors. All the items and properties within that area must have absorbed the strong odor. In some cases, bodily fluids might have seeped through carpets and furniture, leaving behind a large pool of blood or stain underneath. Cleaning such a scene can be a bit tough if you’re not prepared for it. Apart from cleaning the surfaces, you also have to get rid of layers of contamination and ensure that the area is odor free. 

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