The best way to create a logo

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  A logo is the “face” of a business. Legal entities and individual businesses think about designing a logo. A company without its own logo cannot count on success and high profits. 

 What is the purpose of a logo? A logo distinguishes a company from all others and increases its recognition in the market. The right logo is a guarantee of popularity, high demand for goods and services. The creation of a logo should be approached responsibly and carefully. 

 Common ways to create a logo

 There are several optimal options for creating a logo. 

 Direction 1 Self-development of trademark using Adobe Photoshop and other editors

 For people who have a clear idea of working with graphic editors, the development of the logo is not difficult. This creative process requires certain skills and knowledge of graphic design. An inexperienced user can spend several days on creating a quality logo for a company. 

 Method 2. Ordering a logo from a professional designer

 Logo design services are in high demand in the market. In order to create a high quality logo, the designer has to thoroughly study the activity and specifics of the company. This method has a disadvantage – significant financial costs. An experienced designer is likely to demand a substantial fee for logo design. Novice entrepreneurs cannot always afford high financial expenses. 

 Method 3. Fast online logo design

 The first and second method have significant disadvantages. The independent creation of a logo in a graphic editor requires professional skills, while the experts demand fabulous sums of money for their services. But there is a solution: you can design a logo for the company online. It takes from a few minutes to half an hour to develop a trademark.

 You can develop a trademark for free and quickly in the service of Turbologo. 

 How to make a logo online?

 Turbologo service is a modern online designer designed to create high-quality and memorable logos. The service is used daily by thousands of users. Since its existence, Turbologo has helped a million businessmen from Russia and other countries. 

 To create a logo, the following information must be specified:

company name;


sphere of activity. 

 Next, choose the optimal color scheme for the slogan. When choosing, be guided by the field of activity. For a serious manufacturing company, a restrained/neutral palette is fine (black, white, gray, blue, brown – as an option). A logo for a holiday agency, on the other hand, may consist of a bright color scheme.  

 Next, a suitable icon should be chosen. Turbologo’s database has more than 1,000 different icons. You can pick up to three different icons (or skip this step and the service will generate a sign, based on the specified data). The service will offer you several options. To purchase the one you like, you need to register. The generated logos are saved in the “My Logos” section. 

 The Turbologo service has several distinctive advantages:

Logo creation without professional skills. You won’t have to spend time studying graphic editors or pay huge fees for a designer’s help. 

Ability to create a suitable trademark in just a few minutes. Logo design consists of 4 simple steps: specify your company information, choose the color palette, register and choose the best option from the available ones.

Choose the right logo from several options. Logo Builder generates 10 or more variants with different icons, fonts and palettes. 

 You will need to pay a fee to download the appropriate logo. Images are saved in two formats: PNG or SVG (for paid rates). The site has two paid rates: Standard and Business. They are relevant for those who plan to use the logo for printing on any products (business cards, calendars, clothing, etc.). “Turbologo” provides users with a quality guarantee.

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