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A Spot In Your Mobile Music – Spotify

Remember the time when you had to connect your mobile phone to your computer using an exclusive USB cable to transfer songs from your computer hard drive to your phone’s memory? The range of songs used to be limited and if you were to wait for the song to be legally available for download, the song is already outdated probably! 

Such painful experiences have been eliminated by the introduction of music streaming apps. It cannot be denied that the practice of downloading music legally within moments of an audio release was introduced by Apple and iTunes to be precise. However, the ecosystem was limited to the iPod and the iPhone.

With the introduction of apps like Spotify, legal music streaming has been made accessible to everyone. The fact that Apple plans to integrate Spotify into their HomePod is a resounding testimony to the awesomeness of Spotify.

The Stats & The Market

The music streaming industry was valued at about $20.9 billion in 2019. It is expected to grow at a staggering CAGR of 17.8% until 2027. It is interesting to note that even Asian countries jumped into the bandwagon because of the COVID-19 pandemic. A leading Music streaming brand in China increased its subscriptions by 70% in the first quarter of 2020. Taking into consideration the current value and the CAGR, the industry is expected to be worth more than $65 billion in 2027.

It is not a thing of wonder that companies like Google and Amazon have started their music streaming services, competing with Spotify. However, the supremacy established by Spotify has not been challenged even by YouTube Music and Amazon Prime Music.

In spite of its supremacy, Spotify still needs to catch up in a few countries. This presents an interesting and lucrative opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to be a part of the $65 billion market.

If you intend to create an app like Spotify, you will need to know the basic features the app needs to have.

The Basic Features 

We have listed below, the basic features expected out of a music streaming app. Please be informed that the list given below is just about the most basic features. You can garnish your music streaming app with features of your choice, some of which could be quite innovative and game changing!

– Registration & Onboarding 

People should find it extremely easy and convenient to sign up for your music streaming services. It needs to be remembered that music is about casual entertainment and the simplicity of the process of onboarding makes a massive difference to your business.

Your users should be able to sign up either using their email address or phone number or legacy credentials like Google and Facebook.

– Profile System

The sign-up/registration should immediately create a profile for them that stores their personal information like their name, date of birth, preference of genres and artists, and the languages of their choice.

– Personalization of Interface & Offers

All these bits of information should be used to personalize the home interface of your app in line with the choices of the user. The suggestions should not only be based on their explicit choices but also on their behavior patterns like the songs that they listen to frequently and the songs that they listen to at different times of the day.

This magnitude of personalization ensures that the user discovers something new every time they open your app and at the same time, do not feel that the app is suggesting something that is quite outside their tastes in music.

– Notifications

Push notifications help you communicate with your customers over their mobile devices and they should be used with meticulous care. Push notifications can be used to introduce the addition of new tracks, discounts that you can offer your loyal customers, and even public playlists that some of your choicest listeners have created. Push notifications can be used as a medium of both information and promotion.

– The Selection of Audio With Search Function

It cannot be denied that customers have come to your app only because they want to listen to music. Your music streaming app should, therefore, have a good selection of audio tracks. You can even partner with artists, so they premiere their new tracks with your music streaming app. You can even bring global music to markets that might not have the exposure to such genres.

You can even expand your offerings by introducing podcasts, audiobooks, and indie artists. This will ensure that these artists and content creators will take care to promote your music streaming app when they promote their content.

– Integration With Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Social media platforms like Facebook have become media format agnostic centers of sharing. People share anything and everything right from simple text-based status messages to their creations on certain specific creative applications.

In line with this trend, your music streaming app should also have a facility to share on social media. When people integrate their social media accounts with your music streaming app, they can share not only the songs they are listening to but also some public playlists that will help increase the number of subscribers. In the long run, you can even make these users as music influencers or curators.

– Following Users, Artists & Creators

Good music boils down to artists and creators. Overtime, aficionados of music might develop an affinity towards certain artists. Your music streaming app should have a facility to let users follow their favorite artists and creators.

From the other side, the number of followers will encourage artists to create more content which will passively help in popularizing your app. It creates a subtle sense of symbiosis that fans of that particular artist do not have an option but to download your music streaming app!


The market for music streaming apps is quite wide and open. It is probably the right time for an entrepreneur to create their own music streaming app. To create an app from scratch, however, might be a cumbersome and daunting affair.

To circumvent the challenge, you can make use of a Spotify clone. A Spotify clone script is a white label solution that makes it extremely easy to launch your app with some surface level customization. All you need to do is get in touch with a company that specializes in the development and customization of the Spotify clone app. They will take care to understand your requirement and present you with a precise solution, so you can start streaming your profit as people start streaming their music from your app!

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