Whenever we hear somebody talking about the careers, the first thought that strike our mind is the profession of doctor, engineer, and IT specialists. These are the finest and the most classic jobs of times about which we can think of!

The profession of nursing, pharmacist, security analyst, textile designer and police officer are also in line of those careers that are tremendously growing.


These are only few of such careers that are expanding rapidly but have you wondered that what it would be like if every person would becoming specialized in the same field? Look, the intense development of these careers will surely lead to the bulk of people who would be hunting for same job with same qualification.

This is where an individual has to reshape his career choices and must make a keen decision before getting into any field. This is one of the most crucial phases of life where one has to become very specific and choosy or else it just takes a one wrong move and you would be left with no other option.

You must decide very carefully!


In this age of competitive market, getting further off the beaten trail can be an amazing way to standout from the crowd of same people.

You might be in a deep search that which job and career would suit you best and will make you stand out from others. If that’s the case then you are at the right place.

Read this article to the end if you are looking for your career growth in some other profession.

Below I have broken down 7 best jobs you’ve never heard about. This is the time to hear me out!

Operation research analyst:

Several writers from the resume writing service emphasized on practicing the field that is not very common and has higher chances to grow within 5 years. One of such field is operations research analyst in which you can pursue your career.

An individual needs to earn a bachelor’s degree in the technical field of engineering, computer science, or mathematics. Conduction of deep researches and model execution are his main responsibilities. The salary scale in this job can go up to $123,000.

Database administrator:

Get your degree in the bachelors of computer science and make an entry in the field of database administrators. It is one of the most challenging jobs with so many tough tasks. From managing the customer information to every other record, database administrators have to organize the whole business details.

This job is having a very low unemployment rate and its job market is pretty bright for the future of any person with technical background.

Respiratory therapist:

Belonging from the field of healthcare professionals, respiratory therapists needs to have a license. Respiratory therapists can earn the most as this is one of the most growing job sectors with a bright salary scale which can reach up to $79,640.

The responsibility of such individual is to help the patient to improve their breathing and lung capacity.

Solar photovoltaic installer:

The solar photovoltaic installer, the name is pretty unusual but expected job growth of this field by 2028 is 63.3 %. Such weird jobs are expanding their roots and we are soon going to witness them as one of the most in-demand fields.

The solar photovoltaic installer has to install and maintain the solar panels. An individual can get his hand on the job via training and apprenticeships.


With the median salary of up to $76,500, the expected job growth rate of logistician is 4.8%. These individuals are known as the professional experts in the field of supply chain. They are responsible to manage the product supplying among suppliers to customers.

Earning an associate degree and work experience can help you to land on this job.

Computer network architect:

The most in-demand job career nowadays is of computer network architect. With the median salary up to $110,000, a computer network architect is expected to grow around 6% by 2028.

according to the custom essay writers, the job of computer network architect is to design, build, and maintain variety of data communication networks. This can vary from cloud infrastructures to the smaller intranets. The knowledge of business and management is also a plus point for the job.

Information security analyst:

With up to $100,000 median salary, information security analyst is another popular field which is definitely going to go a very long run down the road. Its expected growth rate is 31.6% by 2028.

The IT security analyst has to monitor the computer systems and network to prevent the data breaches. Use of smart technologies and tools is a must to maintain optimum security.


The aforementioned 7 jobs are going to reshape the job and career sector soon in near future. Make sure to decide your career smartly and carefully. Any of the above-listed sectors can provide an individual with a bright market future!

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