ReactJS Libraries for Influential 2021 Projects!

ReactJS instilled awe in the entire community of JavaScript developers. To be exact, the ecosystem evolved into a more mature community instead of being just a react library extension. 

Many developers and entrepreneurs dealing in technical products were confused regarding the quality and feasibility it would deliver since it was expected to be broken and immature on the launch of the technology. However, many new packages and libraries enhanced its working upon its usage and helped companies build dynamic and outstanding web applications.

Therefore, companies now prefer to hire reactjs developers when there’s a requirement of creating dynamic web applications or projects. 

Since React’s popularity is ever rising, here are some of the libraries you can use to develop your project in 2021 with React and gain the most out of the technology in a convenient manner.

Here are the best React libraries to use in 2021: 

Routing and Navigation in ReactJS: 

Seamless navigation from one page to another is exceptionally crucial for delivering a spotless user experience. However, if you have developed a Single Page Application (SPA), your user would find it difficult to reload the page while simultaneously navigating to other sections. Instead, your SPA must render the particular part of the UI responsible for interacting with the user. 

This is when routers come into play. A router is responsible for translating the browser address into the relevant pages. Thus, the user can navigate within the web app. 

Here are some libraries you can use to leverage the routing approach in your application: 

  • React Router:

React router is a group of navigational elements that synchronizes the UI elements with the browser address. This allows control over navigation in SPAs effortlessly. 

Moreover, it also offers great nesting support, server-side rendering, and steady screen-to-screen transitions. 

React CLIs and Boilerplates: 

Boilerplates are simply blocks of reusable codes and allow a developer to configure many different libraries together simultaneously. It also allows your developer to build identical copies for various projects that can be used later.

  • Create-React-App:

It is a CLI tool that doesn’t require you to build any configuration. It eases its own boilerplate development and allows you to start building your application with smoothness and ease. All you need is just one build dependency, and no more complexities are required. The CLI tool is better suited for simple applications and has integrated underlayers of EsLint, Webpack Babel, etc. 

React UI Component Libraries: 

If you need your users to get addicted to your application, you need to design a user interface that is not just attractive but also engaging. Luckily, ReactJS is here with many libraries dealing in enhancing the UI components of a project. This saves time at both deployment and development. 

Here are some: 

  • Ant-design: 

Ant-design is a consolidated framework of Webpack, NPM, DVA, Dora, and Babel. 

Why this library stands out is the unique and broad customer base it enjoys. Moreover, it also allows one to nest the UI components making the application’s user experience smoother. 

This React library provides ES6 support and enables trouble-free integration. 

  • Semantic UI React:

Semantic UI React is another among the great react libraries free of jQuery and is used by esteemed companies like Netflix and Sublime Fund. 

Since it is a declarative API, it enjoys an adaptive React Ecosystem. 

It also lessens the burden put on your developer during hasty coding sessions. 

  • React Bootstrap:

Bootstrap is considered one of the best UI libraries in react. The React Bootstrap library is developed, keeping compatibility as the primary objective. Using this, you can get better control over the reusing of codes and integration of UI components. 

The library offers a smooth interface and is pre-built using bootstrap components. 

It provides your developer with the Bootstrap stylesheet and allows them to expand their potential by using compatible bootstrap themes. This will enable developers to code the entire application quickly and easily by utilizing faster and reusable coding methods. 

Noteworthy React Libraries: 

Here are some ReactJS libraries you must use for developing applications with ReactJs. You can choose the library as per your requirements once you hire reactjs developers for consultation and development. 

  • Material UI:

The library offers readily available and customizable UI components. It also provides an optional set of CSSBaseline components that comes to aid when the UI behavior is inconsistent across multiple browsers based on React, regardless of device support. 

  • Onsen UI:

Onsen-UI is an open-source framework based on UI components. It is developed to work over the HTML 5 Hybrid version based on PhoneGap or Cordova. It is a top choice you should make when creating core web components using react. The framework is the first choice for developing UI components dealing with forms, navigation, lists, and material designs. 


ReactJS has been the top choice of companies globally ever since it was launched back in 2013, which is why we decided to showcase some of the best libraries offered by the “popular” technology- ReactJS. 

Please note that the list of great React libraries is not so short. There are many more you can use for your project. However, you will have to hire reactjs developers for a customized consultation and a tailored approach towards integrating the right library for your project. 

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