How to Write a Biography: 5 Tips for Writing Biographical Book

“Always live your life with your biography in mind”- this quote by Marisha Pessel reflects the light over the deep experiences of one’s life. Being a student when you enter in the school life, what you want is to live your life according to your dreams and this is where you must start practising about yourself that how you would be in the future.

The above shared quote reflects how an individual should live as per his desires and dreams and should become the person of his dreams. This will keep him remember in the world even after his life.

You must know about the biographies and you would definitely have given a read to any of the biography. Well, here is a quickreview for you about the biography.


Biographies are mainly referred as the life story where we learn the information about the other human being’s life. Such books are written for the famous persons, historical figures, and other influential people around you.

I believe, the biographies are worth reading and writing, both! Due to their immense impact over the audience,writers from eBook writing companies also considered the biographies as one of the most vital element of the social development, awareness, and knowingness.

In other words, biography is a detailed and informative third person account of another person’s life story.

Main sections of biography are divided as personal information, relationship, major events, education, and upbringing, contribution in the respective field, achievements, accomplishments, obstacles, and interests. Also, the biographies come to life with the stories and real life events that are added in the autobiographies.


  1. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
  2. Alan Turing: The Enigma: The Book That Inspired the Film The Imitation Game – Updated Edition by Andrew Hodges
  3. Napoleon: A Life by Andrew Roberts
  4. Will in the World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare by Stephen Greenblatt

These are some of those biographies to which you must give a good read!


Well, if you are willing to write and have great writing skills then here is a comprehensive guide for you. Below are the 5 tips that would be helping you to craft an excellent autobiography. Dive into the study for more knowledge.

Get the permission at first:

The expert writers from the biography writing service recommend taking permission first before writing the life story of any person. Once you have decided the subject and person aboutwhomyou would be writing thenthis is the time to ask for the permission.

Getting in touch with the respective person would make the writing process easier for you. This would also be helpful to make your autobiography a lot more compelling and people will show their trust in your name.

Be interested in the person you are writing about and get your facts straight:

Make sure that the person about whom you are writing, you are interested in his life and his achievements and failures as well. This will help you to get your research done easily. Also, you would sound a lot more interested with your tone and this is a great element for the audience.

It is also significant to ensure the accurate information of the subject as you are accountable of writing the autobiography. So, keep the facts as clear as possible. It includes the birth year, place, alma mater, and other relevant information. Take the help of authentic and reliable resources while writing the biography.

Get the Research Done and Form a Thesis:

You must be having a great knowledge about your subject; still you need to perform an extensive amount of research for your topic. Take the help of primary source as they are the firsthand accounts of your subject’s life and they are considered as the most reliable sources as well- the interviews and memoirs are the examples.

Declaring a thesis statement can also help your biography to become a lot more expressive and impressive. In this way, your reader will get the idea of what he is going to learn about the respective person in the biography.

Craft a timeline and use the flashback technique:

You need to work with the timeline or you will lose the order of the events that wouldhave happened in the life of person about whom the biography is.Make sure that you have proper hands on the key events before so your work would stay organized.

Using the technique of flashback can help you to relate the experiences of the subject’s life from his past and adult life.

Include your own thoughts:

While crafting the biography, you are not bound to stay in the premises of the subject’s life. You can include your feelings and opinions during the biography.

While sharing his achievements and contributions, you can make the comments about his noteworthy efforts and this will help to highlight why the subject needs to be recognized and appreciated.

PARTING SHOT: The aforementioned 5 tips would help you to compile an excellent and worth reading a biographical book. By incorporating the above tips in your biography, you will keep your audience hooked from the first sentence to the last one!

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