QuickTechable: What’s New In Tech? Staff Picks

What’s the latest in technology?

Quick Techable (QT) brings you the latest in technology with quality products and practical tips for those who love technology. QT is a collection of products designed with simple solutions for everyday consumers. We are here to keep you up to date with the latest technological happenings and give you the tools you need to get the most out of your technological purchases. You can shop our products here. Quick Techable’s mission is to be the definitive source for high-quality, technologically savvy products for users to add to their collection of gadgets. Have a question or comment?

What’s new in smartphones?

Software Defined Perimeter When is it time to buy a new smartphone? If you find yourself in this boat, then you should check out the quick tech tips we’re about to give you about smartphone development.

What’s new in laptops?

Quarterly evaluations of Chromebooks, notebooks, and gaming laptops based on usage and industry analyst comparisons Ideas to consider What do you value in your own gadgets? What value do you place on a brand? I have been around a good many tech companies over my career, and there is always a “theme” to those companies. In today’s Quick Techable, we’ll talk about the technology trends that are hot and what they are worth your consideration. BlackBerry: We are still waiting for the Q10 to make its debut. The new BlackBerry Classic keyboard was released last year. The Playbook, however, has been discontinued.

What’s new in tablets?

It’s a perennial question for gadget enthusiasts. Every month seems to see an exciting crop of new tablets being released. This year is no different, and if you’re searching for a high-powered tablet to bring into your home or even office, then these are the newest tablets to look out for. AirPods – Apple – $159 Apple has recently launched the first ever 10.5-inch model of its beloved iPad Pro. So this iPad is simply huge. Now people who use to use a 9.7-inch model can now upgrade to the bigger tablet. Apple is also the first company to create a smart speaker device with Siri onboard.

What’s new in audio gear?

Chris Thomas eBay/coolcoolmusic I have recently purchased the Akai MPC K3 here at eBay/CoolCoolMusic for $125 (plus shipping). There are some technical things you might want to know about the MPC K3. If you are playing a track on a digital record player, you don’t need to be the DJ to connect the MPC K3 to your digital audio interface (DAI). You need to download and install the XciteX2 DAW Digital Audio Converter Software from here (https://bit.ly/XciteX2). It has a free version and a $20 Pro version. You can also get a USB DAC/Audio Enhancer Card or USB Audio Interface Card with a built-in DAC from another seller (such as eBay/CoolCoolMusic), but the Akai MPC K3 has a built-in DAC and doesn’t require the purchase of another interface.

What’s new in drones?

You already know that this spring tech comes out in droves. Are you prepared to be amazed at the flying robots of the future? Are you sure? Here are some things to think about: Quick Techable makes it easy to get the essentials you need in the tech department. Want to know what’s new in laptops and smartphones? Here you go! Another popular item on our site is drone accessories. Why? We see drones all the time now – people use them for both aerial and video purposes. People use drones for flight training and photography and for fun. They’ve become a fun and growing hobby. How many drones do you see in the air at any one time? The best guess is at least 100,000. We’ve sold over 100,000 drones in the past year.

What’s new in chargers?

We know you’re looking for a charger for your phone. We have tons of them. We carry everything from small portable USB chargers to 15,000 mAh big battery chargers to power banks to ear buds and screen protectors, all in great color options. Get a charger that fits your budget We carry chargers from $15 to $250.


Following the same 30 questions asked by Amish Master, Paul gives his thoughts on what’s trending in technology right now. Vodaphone Smart x5 is an Android smartphone that was launched by Vodafone on 4th December. Ahmad Shahzad Gulraiz , from the desktop team, says that the screen of this phone is quite big and appealing to the eyes. You can watch movies and view pictures on this phone easily. The phone has a quad core processor along with 2 GB RAM. However, the battery of this phone is non-removable. If you want to make a connection with the loved ones, then this phone is the best option. You can have face-to-face interactions with your friends and family members. This phone has an aluminium body and a fingerprint sensor.

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