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Hit the search button and there you go. Tons and tons of brokerage firms at your fingertips. Hit open any of these links and find the forex firm at your service. Now, which one do you trust because all of them claim to be the most efficient? Being a naive trader, you can easily fall into these smartly laid traps so the newbies out there have to be the most cautious. After the traders made a massive shift to the online forex firms, soon an influx of all of them were seen. Where a wide range of options can ease things for you, it also holds the power to turn your life into hell. This isn’t an exaggerated statement, in fact, this is what I can say after my 10 years of experience in the trading world. 

We traders cannot deny the fact that joining a forex firm has become the need of an hour but only if it is a reliable platform. Writing and reading this is easy but coming across a reliable firm that can cater to all your needs is no less than a blessing. I am here to give you a complete account of my experience with all these firms. It was a rather bumpy ride till I came across this one. My life has found peace ever since I’ve started using it. I find myself a happy customer who continues asking people to consider looking into ManCapitalGroup. Joining this platform is helping me keep up with the growing competition in the internal market. 

I am here particularly to help out those of you who could not hit what we call beginners’ luck. I understand that progressing in the trading world is no child’s play. One minute you’re at the peak and the very next moment the world will laugh at you sliding down the success slope. You have to stay very well updated about the market and the trends all the time. Only then you’ll be able to make thoughtful decisions which are the key to success.  

Don’t lose hope.  I have myself gone through what most of you are currently facing. It is all going to be okay because once you learn about the key secrets, you can pull yourself up to the top easily. Most people get this with experience, but I am here to tell you all in a few minutes. As I begin, I want to make it a point that even if you don’t pick this platform, you’ll be fully equipped to see what to look for in a good forex platform that can go with you for ages. 

Trading is a profession that has seen massive developments in a small period of time. I can recall how my dad used to plan a trip to the stock market a day before. It used to be one of the most hectic days of the week for him. But now you don’t even need to flip open your open laptop. Your mobile phone can be your stock market. All these trading reliable platforms have made the lives of  

traders easy to a large extent. Let’s jump into answers to questions like “how”.


There are some features, in particular, that should appeal to the users immediately. One of them happens to be the theme of the website. The user interface also falls in the same list. When I landed for the first time on the webpage, I was particularly happy because of the theme. The colour scheme is spot on as it helps me easily carry out my complex financial processes easily. The platform is designed in a way that helps people easily navigate through it. This fact reflects that the administration takes care of the new users who aren’t as well acquainted with the forum. The innovative technology has not only produced remarkable features like integrated graphics but also made the website highly engaging.

Before joining ManCapitalGroup, I was associated with another platform that had a really hard-to-use website. One of the reasons behind quitting that platform was the headache giving interface. So, interface and user-friendliness are what you need to check first. If everything is placed in the front and is easily accessible, then this is an indicator of the forum being designed keeping in mind your needs.

Security Regulations

The factor which should top your priority list is “security”. Irrespective of your experience or your fortune that you’re going to entrust your firm with, you have to be satisfied with the security measures. The more the security layers the better it is. The firm is not only protecting your assets but also your data so a compromise on this means inevitable loss. I was initially not sure about the firm’s security but when I went through their Privacy Policy, Withdrawal Refund and Cancellation Policy, Bonus Policy, Terms and Conditions, and other such documents I was ready to get into the game.

 It is always wise to search for these matters yourself because if you lose anything you can’t hold anyone accountable. As of my personal experience,  all this time, I have been super satisfied as a customer because of the foolproof security measures of the forum. For any sort of further information, you can always hit upon the customer service representatives.

Customer Service

Client support is another area within the department that has never failed to impress me. Let me tell you one of my personal experiences here. Once I was using the ManCapitalGroup website when I could not open one of the advanced level e-books. I had quite a lot of time so I wanted to go through it. I quickly opened the live chat option and told him how I was unable to read the book. He asked me the details and within minutes I was reading the first page of the book. 

This is just one time, I’ve had a large number of encounters and each one of them helped me establish a relationship of trust with the forum. Most of the users agree that the forum administration knows that a large fraction of the company’s success is attributed to the way they have laid out their customer care. 

Registration and Accounts

Registering for the platform is fairly easy. You only need to provide them with your basic but authentic information and you can register successfully for it. The form that you have to fill is pretty basic. Add up your credentials, get them verified, go through the important documents and submit. That’s it. Don’t worry about the verification, you’ll be sent a link to your inbox, click it and you’ve successfully verified. 

To ensure your security is never compromised, there is an added step of getting the identity card verified. It might take some time but trust me the sense of satisfaction it gives you is matchless. Such measures reflect the attitude of the company towards your and your money. 

Next, you have to pick an account. I loved the fact how the platform has segregated the features into groups to ensure they cater to traders with varying needs. You don’t have to pay for super high leverages when you need one only up to a few hundred. Other features have also been divided such as spreads, tier room analysis, availability of an expert, etc. These groups are called accounts, you will be clearly informed of each of their features and you can see what suits your needs. The basic account has a minimum deposit and gives you the basic features only. These are enough to help you get acquainted with the trading itself. If you feel like you have learned it all and now your business requires more, you can always upgrade to a higher account. 

Advanced Tools To Help You

Another important feature that makes a platform rule the traders’ hearts are the tools. These tools have made trading and decision-making super convenient and relatively risk-free. The chart tool is my most used one. It helps me quickly evaluate the changing market situation. You can also

customize the charts. I like to use it in the line form. Apart from these, zooming and flagging for indication are also very popular. 

The Final Word  

I know there are a large number of forex firms out there that might seem super flashy and competent but never fall for these. Always consult your checklist for basic features, the next step is to look up your needs and wants. All this time, I’ve been a rather satisfied customer of the forum and do not plan on switching to another one any time soon. This is because of the optimal trading environment that I get here. I would always urge you all to research yourself and only then trust a forum because changing your broker every other day can be extremely damaging. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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