Most Effective link building methods to follow in 2021

Businesses in today’s world are so dependent on the technology and tools to make the brand highly visible among the audience. In the past year of 2020, the businesses have faced a huge loss due to the global pandemic, however; the link building for the online businesses has remained significant and vital.

Due to the pandemic and even before that, businesses have been working online like never before. Since the technology has taken over, we all have become highly addicted to the social media and this has resulted in a tremendous growth of internet and this is never going back indeed!

Talking about the businesses and their visibility among the audience- in these crucial times of coronavirus, the businesses can make the optimum of technology by embedding it into the business.

You might be wondering that what businesses must do to maintain their presence in this digital era. Here you go with a definitive guide that how the businesses can create an outstanding and most effective links to stay in higher ranking.

If you are not known to the concept of link building then here is a quick review.


SEO- Search Engine Optimization that is serving as the backbone of the business is responsible to bring the traffic and audience to your website and business. If you have done your SEO right then you would be able to get a high number of audiences in no time.

Building links is mainly the process of earning the link of other websites back to your website. When this is incorporated with the search engine optimization, link building refers to the actions aimed at high number of quality and inbound links to the certain page with goal of increasing the search engine ranking.


There are 3 types of link-building that are must to have for a website. Getting these three types of right backlinks into the website can help you achieve higher ranking in the search engine.

Backlinks (Inbound links): These are the incoming hyperlinks from other websites to your website.

Outbound links: These are links from your website to other sites which is another important way to rank your website into the search engine pages.

Internal links: These are the links that go to the other pages within the same website.


There is a diverse range of businesses existing on the internet. The search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and bring new updates for the websites to rank themselves. This is indeed very tricky and businesses have to pay very keen attention to their SEO strategies.

The SEO and link building asks for huge efforts and inputs from the SEO experts or else one wrong move and BAM, your website is no longer visible in the higher ranks and you can lose your audience.

Several bloggers and writers belonging to the dissertation writing services London also supported the idea, links are highly important for the Google ranking and without having links; a website cannot reach the targeted audience and would not be ranked.

Below, I have broken down 6 best link building methods that would help your website and business to rank among the highest in search engines. Have a look at them.

Content creation and outreach:

More than 82% of businesses confirmed that the content creation and outreach is the best and most used link building method. It is a highly used technique by the SEO professionals and this helps in the creation of quality backlinks.

Make sure that your content is enough to target the audience correctly and this will bring the top bloggers to your site. As the result, you would be able to get the quality links from the known bloggers for your website.

Guest posts:

Guest posting is also highly recommended. This method stands second in the top link building methods. Guest posting can also make your business reach to the extended audience and you can get help in your link building endeavors.

Also, the guest posting outreach for the high authority sites with a specified outreach message is recommended to get quality links.

Broken link building:

Broken link building stands third at the effective link methods that you must follow in 2021. If you find a broken or dead link on the page, make sure to check the content for which it was created.

Now you must create the same content and reach to the site with that broken link and request them to post your content. Make sure it is worthy enough to read.

Competition analysis:

You must perform the competition analysis to check what your competitors are up to like if you are thinking on working keyword like essay writing service cheap. You can use different SEO tools here to check what you must do to get ahead your competitors.

Find the best competitor around and find a way to outreach to them. This can also help you to have some collaboration together.

Social media:

Social media can bring your business a huge traffic. During the pandemic people have been using the social media to its optimum level and it’s the turn to use the social media in your favor.

All you need to do is to create authentic and genuine content to shift the traffic to your website. Your online presence can make your business stay in the limelight ultimately resulting in quality link building.

Link reclamation:

Link reclamation is all about the requirement of the software that could track mentions of your brand online. If your brand is being mentioned by somebody then it would be a great act if you would get a link back to your website.

In this link building tactic, the rate of success is dependent on the way in which you are creating the message. This asks for a good span of time but this is really worthy in the end. Make sure to find the situation where the mention is not having a link, at this point you need to reach the editors and ask them to insert the link.

A QUICK RUNDOWN: This comprehensive guide about the link building in SEO can help you to gain huge traffic. Make sure to incorporate these tactics smartly and meet the link building requirements to achieve excellent results.

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