Mold Remediation Process Explained

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a handy homeowner can remediate a moldy are a tat is no more than 10 square feet. Beyond that, you may want to get help from mold remediation services Philadelphia Pennsylvania. In most cases, it is crucial to contact an expert in mold remediation as opposed to a general contractor. A specialist in mold remediation uses only industry specific cleaning tools and resources to do the work.

Even though most people use chlorine bleach to get rid of mold growth in the home, bleach is not an EPA approved biocide. To do this, you need to use products that are specifically designed to eradicate mold growth. There are lots of products that claim to do this work wholesomely, but how do you know the right one to choose. This is why it is expedient that you allow expert mold remediation companies do the job. If a 10 square feet space is heavily concentrated or mold growth occurs around the HVAC system, the first thing to do is to contain the mold spores to prevent its spread to other unaffected areas of the home.

Containment and Ventilation

This is without a doubt the first step in the remediation process. Set up containment and ventilation. Get air filtration devices such as air scrubbers to ensure that mold spores that gets into the air during do not spread to uninfected areas.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

After proper ventilation and containment, the cleaning can begin. At this stage, the room need to be properly remediated. All waste generated from the cleanup and other infected materials should be disposed of properly. After completing the cleaning and disinfecting, the technicians apply biocide/fungicide/moldicide solutions.

Tackle the Root Cause

If you fail to do this, you are guaranteed of another mold remediation in a few weeks. This is a job that only professional mold remediation services Philadelphia Pennsylvania can fix. This stage addresses any moisture or humidity concerns. For example, if a loose bathroom fan duct runs into an attic, fixing the fan duct seems the best solution here. If it’s something that can be fixed easily, the mold remediation expert can get it fixed themselves. Advanced repair works will be sub-contracted. Alternatively, they may recommend an expert that can fix the problem for the homeowner.

Mold Encapsulation

If you can remove mold from the source, then you can encapsulate it using paint or a similar material. This is one of the most recommended ways of addressing mold infestation in the home. However, this step comes in handy if most of the mold is removed and the affected area is dry. Before taking this step, make sure that you address the root cause of the mold infestation. Do not encapsulate mold on wet surface. It’s a waste of time, money and resources.

The best thing to do if you discover mold in your home is to contact professional mold removal contractor to help you address the issue once and for all. After completing their job, the chances of mold growth in the home will be slim.

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