Light Up Your Summer with These Must-Have Gadgets and Technology

Summer is fast approaching, and while things are not quite back to normal yet, this season doesn’t have to be dull. Whether you’re going to the beach, camping in the wilderness, or lounging around your pool at home, there are several gadgets to make your good times better. These cool gadgets will help you make the most of your time and make this summer one you’ll never forget. 

We reached out to some technology experts to find out what they think about the issue. Here’s what they shared. 

Electric Beach Wagon for the Sand 

You’ve already equipped yourself with snorkeling gear, umbrellas, and food and drinks to make your time on the beach fantastic. However, you can’t bring all those items with you all at once. 

Ian Brady from Steadfast Solutions Pty. Ltd points you to the Sandhopper electric beach wagon for the sand. This is a battery-powered and fully motorized wagon that comes with a variable forward and reverse speed throttle. It also comes with a handbrake, and both of these features are conveniently located on the steering handle. 

If you’re already thinking of how you’ll push or pull the wagon across the beach, the makers have you sorted. Sandhopper wagons feature low-pressure tires, which are the ultimate type for beach sand use. You can choose from various tire sizes, depending on how much load you need to carry. The 16″ tires, for example, can support up to 600 lbs. of weight. 

This beach wagon can cover 3-4 miles using the standards 24 volt 22 AH battery on a full charge. You can upgrade to heavier duty batteries for a longer mile range, which will also allow you to use the wagon over rough terrains, steep hills, and ramps. 

It’s an ideal gadget for families, especially if you have elderly members and young children. The wagon will help them bring any equipment they want, making their time on the beach enjoyable. 

Outdoor Smart Lights 

Consider bringing your outdoor space to life with smart outdoor lights this summer. With the correct models and combinations, you can easily take your summer entertainment to a whole new level. Craig Beam, President at MicroXpress, recommends lighting up your Fourth of July BBQ with red, white, and blue lights. Alternatively, you can synchronize the lights with the music at your next pool party. 

Beyond the convenience of illuminating the dark areas around your home, smart outdoor lights also provide an additional layer of security. They make it appear like someone is home, even when you’re out partying. Most of the outdoor lights available on the market today come with smart features that allow you to control them remotely. As such, you can turn on the outdoor lighting with your voice and phone. 

Feel Welcomed Home

As you come home in the evening from the beach or other fun activities, smart outdoor lights can make you feel welcome. You don’t have to go home to a dark house. Set your lights to switch on automatically as you approach home and turn off when you leave. Some smart lights will light up when they detect movement. 

Enhanced Outdoor Ambiance

Outdoor lights can also help you add a modern ambiance to your patio or backyard deck. Few things are more inviting than a warmly lit fireplace or deck on a starry summer night. With such warm settings, you can enjoy longer evenings outside with friends and family. 

When choosing smart outdoor lights this summer, “the options are endless,” says Beam. The type of outdoor lighting fixture is of utmost importance. Go for outdoor wall lights, hanging lanterns, or post lights that provide your bulb with protection from weather elements. 

Smart light bulbs come in various types, including halogen, incandescent, xenon, LED, and Compact Fluorescent Light. It’s worth noting that not all of these types work well outdoors. Choose carefully for the best summer experience. 

Olympus TG-6 Waterproof Camera

Capturing all the great moments you share with friends and family during summer is an ideal way to put COVID-19 behind you. There’s no better gadget to help you put all those memories together than an Olympus TG-6 Waterproof Camera, says Nick Allo from Semtech IT solutions

The TG-6 camera is an ultra-rugged and pocketable waterproof camera that comes with a blend of appealing features. It’s an ideal choice for:

  • Everyday shooters who want versatile equipment that won’t get damaged when dropped, unlike smartphones 
  • Underwater photographers
  • Hikers and outdoor lovers who want to capture altitude and location details on their photos

The camera is designed to handle just about any situation, with numerous scene modes that are well organized. If you want to go underwater this summer, choose the “fish” spot to get five choices that match the actual situation. 

The camera’s manual controls will help you adjust the aperture from three choices at any one time. The camera also offers a wide variety of accessories, including an underwater housing. This is important for divers as it allows you to go 15 meters deeper. Its wide-angle fisheye conversion lenses and ability to fire flashes are features you don’t want to miss in a camera. 

If you’re planning to go hiking this summer, bring this camera with you to help you track your abilities. It will also capture your exact location when you take a photo. Other environmental sensors include:

  • A compass
  • GPS
  • Thermometer
  • Accelerometer
  • Altimeter or depth gauge 

Pressing on the ‘info’ button brings up all the details the camera has captured. 

Lastly, TG-6 has a host of other features that allow you to capture objects that are so close to you. The digital microscope mode lets you zoom in four times more. For added flexibility on macrophotography, the camera has a ring light and flash diffuser. 

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Final Thoughts 

Technology is changing for the better, and you should take advantage of it to make your upcoming summer enjoyable. You might have spent the past summer indoors and bored, but this one is cut to be different. The above and more summer gadgets are just what you need to make the most out of the season. 

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