Information-Packed Guide on Cricket Betting App Development

Hey there! At times when you are bored and couldn’t think of anything, what would you do? Most of us end up playing online games. The Play Store has got our back with plenty of online gaming apps. There are an unlimited number of games for all age groups from kids to adults.

But one of the irresistible online games is the cricket. Cricket, the only sport that has a huge number of fan base of every age group. Have you ever thought about turning this entertainment-rich game into a business? If you didn’t give a though on this, now it’s the time to shower some thoughts.

The blog will be edifying you about how you can indulge in cricket betting app development and earn revenue. Are you ready to leave for the next section?

How Does The Betting Software Work? – Steps Included

Step 1: Registration is the first and mandatory step to access the app. 

Step 2: After finishing the registration, the user will get to the homepage of the app. There, he/she will view the list of tournaments and select a tournament.

Step 3: The user can view the odds of different tournaments and choose the one.

Step 4: After selecting the odd, he/she will add it to the cart and pay the amount.

Step 5: Once the match begins, the user can track the scores and keep predicting the outcome.

Step 6: Once the match comes to an end, based on the outcome(if successful), the user will receive the bet amount.

Step 7: After playing, the user can shed their feedback in the review section of the app.

Broad Features Of Cricket Betting Software

The User App


The users app will have a separate section that stores the details of the user like name, gender, account details, email address, and mobile number.

Tournament calendar

Users can view the list of upcoming tournaments under the in-app calendar. Based on the tournaments scheduled, users can participate.

Live match score

Cricket is itself an interesting game. To add more flavors of interest, the app displays scores of ongoing tournaments.

Payment options

Users will have to make payment for placing bets. For that, they can make use of the multiple payment modes.


Users can invite friends to this cricket betting app, by sharing the invite link. When a new user joins the app based on the reference of an existing user, that existing user will get some reward points credited.

Reviews and ratings

Users can tell about their playing experience using the review feature of the app.

The Bookie App

Bookie or bookmaker are the ones who facilitate the betting by setting odds, placing bets on behalf of the user.


The bookie app has a ledger that keeps track of all the betting transactions of the users.

Customize odds

The bookie has the authority to customize the odds for different tournaments. 

Betting advice

The bookie will offer betting advice to users on how to place bets without losing.

Tournament calendar

Tournaments calendars are visible to bookies. Like users, the bookies can also check upon the calendar for upcoming tournaments.

Customer support

Bookie can render support to users in case they face any issues regarding placing bets.

The Admin Panel

Admin dashboard

The admin is the central body in handling the overall functioning of the app from betting to providing customer support. The admin can perform the management activities from the all-encompassing admin dashboard itself.

User and bookie management

Since the admin is the central authority of the app, he/she can decide whether to add/remove users or bookies to/from the app.

The Revenue Model Of The App

Registration fees – Imposing charges for registration is one of the standard sources of income. Users can access the app, only if they pay the mandatory registration fee.

Sell merchandise – Since this being a cricket app, you can sell cricket related products and users would love to purchase them.

Ads – Ads are one of the most prominent ways to earn via the app.


I hope that you are clear about the cricket betting app development. The betting app will amaze users by offering a quality betting experience. Having spilled everything about the app, what are you waiting for? Launch your cricket betting app right away!

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