Adopt These Trends In Our Food Delivery App Solution And We Bet You Will Have A Money-making Business

Let’s not go through the boring stuff of how food delivery and order app businesses are growing and yada yada, just like any other blog, because we all know that they are now the most loved and most craved on-demand service out of any other. You, me, and the person who is next to you have all changed into food-lovers, haven’t we? 

But instead of thinking like a general audience, and daydreaming about those images of delicious foods, let’s get started with the business talk now! 

Why should you adopt the trends?

I’m here to present to you some trends, which on adopting will never deter you from reaching the sky-high position in the food delivery business. The global food ordering and delivery market are expected to reach $95 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 9.8%. Spiffing, right? So, think whether you want to follow the same old-fashioned features or bring in some revolutionary trends and make the business a multi-million dollar venture. Probably the second option, I know. Therefore, now get ready to focus on the heart of the blog. 

Lure Millennials greatly

We are all foodies, and the point is being proved by the success. But out of any other generations, millennials spend their earnings on the prepared food. So, now you understand who the target audience for your business is. As per the Technomic’s Generational Report, out of 5, in 3 instances, millennials either prefer food ordering or takeaway. So, try to keep up with their preferences, as they won’t like the existing trend after a few months!

Bring in innovative delivery channels

Trying out a single way in your business will not work out effectively. To implement the various delivery channels, then just letting users order from app or website. Scroll down to know what different ways you can try. 

Virtual assistants

With the virtual assistants’ popularity spiking, you can introduce a bot to your app that takes orders, informs customers about vouchers, and also discusses the latest deals. 


With this delivery channel in execution, users can link their accounts to your website and save a default order. Users can place an order anytime by tweeting an emoji to your company’s Twitter account. 


Users can order food through just voice commands, as with this feature, the Visa checkout process will be integrated with the Car’s dashboard. 

Futuristic delivery options

Though the dedicated delivery team can be an essential part of any food delivery business, there are some companies that view that as an ‘unreliable dependency.’ By using the new channels like Robots, Drones, and Parachutes, you can make the deliveries cost-effective and quick, which is a win-win situation. 

Delivery with robots

Some companies have already started to develop moving pavement droids that will deliver food to customers. They can walk up to 4 miles per hour and can deliver orders within a 10-mile radius. These use GPS signals and cameras to navigate. Customers can collect orders after entering a verification code. 

Delivery with drones

These are known for delivering the order quicker than the time it takes for droids, according to an experiment conducted by a company in San Francisco back in 2016. 

Soon-to-be booming niches

Trying out various aspects for the same niche is the traditional way of achieving maximum profit. Thus trying out distinct niches for the same food delivery can eliminate the multiple barriers of entering into the market and setting a unique ground in it. 

Food waste apps

Every year, one-third of the food around the world is being wasted. You can save this by developing an app that offers unsold food at a discount of 50% from various restaurants. 

Pet food apps

As 68% of Americans own pets, with your platform, you can deliver pet foods. And not to forget that the pet food delivery business is becoming profitable every day. 

Ghost kitchen 

Some businesses wouldn’t contain the budget or infrastructure to bring in more traction or to offer a dine-in facility to their customers. However, they can feature their business as a virtual kitchen and get their orders. This might be the best profit for you as you can deliver your customers something that is hard to find in their region. 

Crypto food ordering 

Cryptocurrencies have been making their way in various sectors, and this is the best opportunity to integrate a cryptocurrency wallet into your app. There are no limits to the particular payment option, and they can check out their orders without financial fraud. The whole process can be carried out easily.

Closing thoughts

Having an on-demand food delivery app and bringing in these new options can never go wrong. But if you are worried about how to develop it, then no worries. Our Appdupe is here with a ready-made food delivery app solution, UberEats Clone, that lets you create any of these top apps: Zomato Clone, Swiggy Clone, DoorDash Clone, etc., So chop chop! 

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