How to Save Water in an Emergency Plumbing Flood

Over the past few years, there has been eco friendly awareness to keep our planet greener and healthier, with emphasis placed on recycling more and buying less. We are exposed to green shopping, green moving and green remodelling – all in a bid to protect our eco system. Well, plumbing companies are not left out of the ongoing save our planet campaign. Green plumbing focuses on conservation of water and more efficient plumbing systems. When plumbing systems go wrong, it usually fattens our utility bill. Water damage repair companies offer highly skilled team of plumbing professionals who not only provide services that reduces the cost of water utility bill but also contribute to a greener planet by cutting down on unnecessary wastage.

We make use of several gallons of water daily, from cooking to laundry and showers. But an even bigger culprit of water wastage is emergency plumbing, where a major pipe burst could result in massive wastage.

Burst pipes, running toilet, and leaky faucets are examples of emergency plumbing that results into fat utility bills. It is imperative to know the basic steps to take when it comes to plumbing emergencies or prevent such occurrence from happening, this will save us tons of water annually.


The tiniest of leaks can be damaging to your property including walls, ceilings and floors. You may be wondering how an undetected leak can cause damages running into thousands of dollars. Leaky water faucets waste several thousand of gallons of water annually. Paying little or no attention to this will definitely worsen the issue, thus resulting into paying exorbitantly to have it fixed. It is therefore important to hire the services of an emergency plumbing service to help prevent the problem from escalating. Toilet leaks are another major factor that causes water wastage, accounting for about 2,700 gallons of water annually. Adding food coloring to water tanks makes it easier to decipher if there is a leak. It is pertinent to contact a water damage repair specialist immediately to save the day or if you have some plumbing know-how try to apply do-it-yourself repair to stave off the problem

Shutoff Valves

Freezing pipes are more likely to succumb to pressure and burst open some day resulting into flood in the home. The shutoff valves which are beside or below the fixture should be turned off immediately. This is one of the best ways to reduce the flooding effect of burst pipe in the home. Shutting off the water source eventually

prevents water wastage or if you are unable to locate the shut off valves, closing off the main shutoff valve is a good way to reduce or stop completely the leakages even before the arrival of emergency plumbing services.

Looking out for leaks and isolating leaking pipe by Turning off the shutoff valve are some of the ways we can cut down on plumbing emergencies. It is also imperative to contact the services of a professional emergency plumber to help fix the issue.

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