Cleaning Services: Areas Most Often Overlooked During Office Cleaning

The office area is full of germs. This is because employees and other office users use the space to work, eat and complete specific daily tasks. Unknowingly to many people, the office space, especially the desk, is full of more germs than that of a toilet seat. How so? Think about the different kinds of people who visit the office space daily, placing their hands on the desk or items placed on it. Also, desks are always covered with paper. This makes deep cleaning rather difficult. With commercial cleaning services Lakewood CO, you can keep your office space clean and germ free, thanks to their unique cleaning techniques. You need to take charge of your office space from germ control. This is where a professional cleaning service comes in.

Most Overlooked Areas in an Office Cleaning

So which areas are often overlooked in the office during cleanup?


The printer is one of the most essential office equipment in our world today. Since it’s a common device used by the entire office workforce, then it means everyone touches the printer and buttons several times while operating it. Dust often accumulates around electronics, and printers are no exception. Cleaning the accumulated dust off the printer can be a big task for many, and since the accumulated dust is always in an inconspicuous spot, it’s often forgotten about.

Door Handles and Light Switches

These items are touched several times a day by not just employees but also by your clients. Commercial cleaning services Lakewood CO will disinfect these surfaces thoroughly to prevent the spread of diseases. Not everyone can devote their time to cleaning light switches and doors. More reason why you should reach out to a professional cleanup company to clean all surfaces to get rid of germs and bacteria.


One of the purposes of greenery in the office area is for beautification. However, when kept over time, greenery collects dust. Not only that, as you water them to keep them growing fresh and clean, it collects mold spores. If you do not take care of your plant, it can cause a rotting smell, thus contaminating the air quality in the office area.

Windows and Blinds

Although they are not seen as a thriving spot for bacteria growth, window blinds collect dust. This results in poor indoor air quality in the office.


Air vents collect a large amount of dust. Focusing on cleaning these spots will do the office a lot of good. This helps the office smell and breathe cleaner, thus improving overall air quality.

During cleanup, the windows and blinds should be given top priority. The best commercial cleaning service will leave no stone unturned when cleaning the office area. All often overlooked spots will be thoroughly cleaned.

Stay ahead of the game and hire a professional commercial cleaning service Lakewood CO. Doing so, not only keep your customers coming back due to the clean environment but also encourages healthy environment for your workforce, ultimately increasing productivity

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