How To Renew The Trade License In Dubai?

In the past few decades Dubai, UAE has become a MENA hub. Entrepreneurs from all over the world are heading to Dubai, UAE, to start new businesses. Dubai is developing fats in various factors like trade, logistics, financial, business, etc.

When you start a business in Dubai, UAE, you require a compulsory trade license. The trade license is valid for a year. Every year you have to renew the trade license. Trade License Renewal Dubai is significant to avoid penalty and hefty fines. Sometimes you have to face extreme situations like blacklisting of company, negative repercussions, etc.

Various Types of Business Licenses are-

Commercial Trade License

All those companies that are involved in many trading activities should issue commercial licenses—for example- Brokerage firms, logistics businesses, car rental services, import and export businesses, etc.

Industrial License

All the manufacturing businesses will require an industrial license for work. It would be great if you have a physical office in Dubai, UAE, to issue the industrial request.

Professional License

The people who have the local service business need to issue professional licenses. Professional support is given based on qualification and your expertise.

How To Renew the Trade License in Dubai, UAE?

The license renewal process is straightforward and straightforward in UAE. The online license renewal option is also present, and it’s totally up to you to select the function.

The steps for license renewal are below-

Step 1

Check If Tenancy Contract is Valid

When you open a business or company in Dubai, UAE, you rent a place. The rented home is your business premises. Make sure that the tenancy contract is valid and is not expired while renewing a license. If your tenancy contract expires, make sure to continue it before moving forward by the Real estate regulatory authority.

To renew the ejari documents and the tenancy agreements, collect and submit the following documents- visa, emirates id, tenancy contracts, passport, recent utility bill,

landlord’s passport, trade license, and the deeds of the rented property.

Step 2

Submit Licensing Approvals

You need to take approval for company formation in Dubai from a relevant authority. Submit all these licensing approvals while renewing the DED license.

For starting the transportation business, you need approvals from the roads and transport authority. You need approvals from the Dubai Health Authority; for starting an education business, you need licenses from KHDA, and telecom business needs permission from Telecommunications Regulations Authority.

Step 3

Apply For Renewing the License

The final step is to apply for the license after you renew your tenancy contract and licensing approvals. Submit all the documents that are important for license renewal. Following is documents list-


Visa and Emirati ID


NOC from a local agent

Check and submit all these documents very carefully; otherwise, your license application will get rejected.

Step 4

Pay the License Renewal Fees

After you submit all the documents very carefully, the Next Step is to make the payment. Pay the amount that is to renew your license application. After all, steps are complete; your license will get renewal soon.

How To Apply For License Renewal?

After, as we are aware of the process, we should how can we apply. So there are many options; either you can apply online, or you can use offline. You can submit it by DED’s online portal website. The second option is through an app called the business in Dubai app. The next option is offline. There are more than 30 service centres, law firms, and a DED happiness lounge present in Dubai’s business village. So you have many options to renew your business or trade license.


Renewal of business licenses is not a very complicated process. You have to be

careful about the documents and the date of renewal. If you delay, then you will have to pay hefty fines for the same. To avoid any such issues, you can seek the help of Pro services in Dubai. The team of experts will help you in various commercial activities you require for doing business smoothly.

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