Fabricate A Dazzling Social Media App With Instagram Clone

In a blink of an eye, if someone is asked to mention a social media app that is popular all around the world, their immediate response would be Instagram. The app, which was first created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger in 2010, then sold to Facebook, has now gained over a billion users and is giving a tight race to its competitors. In just 2 months, the app gained 1 million users.

Not just networking, but the platform is leveraged by many businesses, thereby getting over 127 million firms registered on it with 1.2 billion users. The net worth of Instagram currently is $100 billion US. This humongous success of the app seeded inspiration in many businesses, thus leading to the creation of Swipe, Vine, Camera, Flickr, etc.

But one question that will be budding in your mind will be, ‘How did the app become so popular?’ So let’s look at the reasons. Shall we?

Secret of success

The advanced photo editing features are the key players behind the app’s success. Right from the start, Instagram contains all the alluring filters and AI emoji that attract most users to its side. Individuals can become social media influencers, all because the app targets users of age 15-30. Not just individuals, but it is acting as a platform for scaling up businesses as well.

The updates of the features in the app are what keeps the users glued to it. The new features are helping brands to promote their business efficiently using stories and polls. Moreover, the analytics that the app provides help these influencers to try out new strategies. By that, they can reach far corners of the world.

Now that we have seen the astounding numbers of the revenue and the users.et’s now get into the crux of the blog- The Development Steps.

How to develop an app like Instagram?

First off, we all know that the app has a load of innovative and charming features in order to retain and increase engagement as well. Though it may sound so fascinating to hear about the success when you develop an Instagram like app, there are few crucial steps that you need to follow to keep it on track. Let’s look at them.

> Thorough market research

As an entrepreneur, when you think of developing an app, the first thing you should do is research the market. That is, you must know the features and functionalities that have the best value in your competitors’ app. Know about your target audience, and think about what features might seem attractive to them. To stand out from the rest, you need to compromise the needs of the user. You have to choose and target a specific geographical location and an age group of

your audience. Jot down all the gain and pain points that have been experienced by the other businesses for a better strategy.

> Define objective

Instagram was launched as a photo-sharing app in 2010. But later, it became an app with an e-commerce portal and a platform for boosting the branding and visibility for businesses. Similarly, you decide on an objective of your app that might interest your target audience. Rather than stepping into the market with various purposes, you better get in with a particular goal.

> Features

The features are the reason behind the success of any application. Users and anyone for that matter can easily differentiate between a poor app and a quality app just by looking at its features. Moreover, since this is a social media app, you should be more careful in adding the fundamental elements that will both be interactive and easy to use. Not to forget that the core reason is to build an excellent engagement.

Here are some basic features that will be needed to develop a photo-sharing app.

Smooth registration process– Without taking much of their time, it is better if the registration process is short and crisp. Because the longer the process, the shorter is their attention span.

Stories– Stories have become the most appealing feature. Even though the app adopted this feature after Snapchat, this feature of the app is used by 500 million users/day.

Search option– It is an excellent function for keeping users engaged, as users can look out for peoples, tags, places, and celebrities with this easily.

Photo editing– Since the app is itself a photo-sharing app, this feature is mandatory. With various tools like adding text, geotags, resizing, and brightness integrated into the app, people will find it more engaging. Also, consider adding some new AI filters.

Bottom line

Your social media app can be the one to dethrone these rivals from their position. All you need to do for that is, grab the Instagram Clone software. The software is available with many app development companies that help in making your dream come true in just a span of a few days. Steal the limelight!

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