How to connect ps3 to tv without HDMI

Recently I had occasion to connect my Playstation 3 to my television without utilizing the HDMI cable. After some research, I came across numerous articles instructing users how to do so but none of them offered any solid information; instead, they merely referenced other resources for people who were unacquainted with such technology.

If you are looking for a straightforward solution, then consider this guide!

Connect ps3 to tv without hdmi using composite cables

If you have an analog television that does not possess HDMI input, then don’t despair! Instead of dealing with component-out connections, simply utilize a composite cable to hook up the console to your set; it’s a fast and easy method to use Headphones With PS3.

To successfully employ this method, start by plugging in the coaxial cable connector on one end of the cord into your device’s AV port (click here for a comprehensive guide on selecting the best cables). Next, connect the opposite end of the cable to your desired input point on your TV – just be sure to choose ‘Video’ instead of ‘HDMI’ if applicable.

Connect ps3 to tv without hdmi using component cables

If you don’t have an HDMI cable and want to connect your PS3 directly to a TV, there are a few options available. Using component cables with RCA audio outputs, you can easily stream content without connecting via HDMI.

To set up your PS3 using component cables, all that’s needed is an out-of-sight port on the back of your console accessible by components. To make things simple, we’ll use an AV connection for our example; however, take note: not all ports support audio pass-through. Make sure that any cables you employ will be compatible with the device!

Connect ps3 to tv without hdmi using s-video cables

If you’re looking for an alternate means of connecting your PlayStation 3 to a HDTV, then consider utilizing standard-definition video cables. These can be found in most electronics stores and are inexpensive – costing only a few dollars each.

Procedure 6: Use standard-definition cable connections

Connect ps3 to tv without hdmi using rgb cables

If you’d rather utilize a modest amount of cable, then you can easily attain RGB connectivity. Simply be sure that your console is connected to the television and that it is set to ‘HDMI’ Mode; this will ensure that all signals are transmitted properly.

Once in place, simply connect one end of an exorbitant-looking set of cables from the PS3’s AV Out port to the HDMI Out port on your TV. Furthermore, connect another end from the other end of the cable to the corresponding ports on both consoles – these must remain connected for multi-channel audio!

If you’re using a PlayStation 3 Blu-ray player to display video content via HDMI, this process may not be necessary! Simply connect cables directly between the devices without going through a home entertainment hub.

Connect ps3 to tv without hdmi using VGA cables

If you own a PS3 console, then don’t despair – there is still hope for you! VGA connectivity will allow you to connect your device to a PC monitor or HDTV with ease.

Ensure that the game settings under Settings > System are set to ‘Video output’ before connecting your console to an AV receiver. Afterward, select ‘HDMI’. Finally – simply plug any compatible VGA cable into both ends of the connection!

Connect ps3 to tv without hdmi using audio cables

You can also connect your PlayStation 3 to a television using the composite audio cable. To do so, simply connect one end of both the yellow and white audio cables from the PS3 to their corresponding ports on the television.

If you’re like us, you may not have an intermediary device such as a splitter, coaxial cable switcher, or dock that allows you to easily connect your PS3 to TV without HDMI – so if you don’t possess one yet, it will be necessary to rely on these convenient audio cables in order to accomplish this task!

To access the channels available on your Xbox 360 console, connect the VGA (RGB) AV video cable to the appropriate port(s). If desired, plug another set of AV cables into each respective port; a display device such as an HDTV should then be connected to the second set for ease of access when watching movies/TV shows or playing games.


If you’re experiencing any issues connecting your PlayStation 3 console to your television, you don’t need to worry. This guide will provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to successfully set up the connection. Before we begin, please keep in mind any additional objectives or instructions you may have provided.

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