How do I start blogging in 2024?

In this article, you will learn how to write professional articles – WordPress – Blogger and how to get the best results in the Google search engine for a great experience .. Blogging Articles

What is blogging and how can I start my own blog?

Attention: This is not a Typical Answer that will contain specific theories and philosophies. I have written the answer with my whole heart. I practically test everything I have stated here. Be ready to read this answer until the end for more valuable insights that will help your blogging journey. I hope this answer will help you to grow more with my insights.

How to start a BLOG?

This question comes into thousands of people’s minds. They made tons of searches on Google and ended up with the frustration of visiting from one site to another. And, the same question came to my mind as well, and I also did the same. Now, you are in the right place with a helpful answer.

What is Blogging? (As a Beginner)

Blogging is writing about what you like. In other words, writing about what you know and providing valuable information to people searching for it. Let’s understand it more deeply. For instance, you know how to use professional cameras. Now, you can create a blog and share your knowledge about DSLRs. Now, think of a person who is searching for How to set up XYZ Camera manually? So, if you know about it, you can write an informative blog on it, and Google can show the same who are searching for it. You can also earn from a blog in several ways, such as AdSense, Sponsors, Affiliates, and more.

What are the Reasons Behind Starting a Blog?

There could be several reasons behind starting your own blog. Everyone has a different thinking perspective. Here’s what I commonly find.

  • If you are interested in something, do utilize it, whether making YouTube videos or starting your own blog.
  • A blog gives you an Online Identity.
  • It can give you more fame. But that could be only possible after putting in dedication and hard work.
  • A Blog can be a LIVE ATM Machine for you. But never start your own blog for the sake of earning money from the very next day. It will take time. And, do not be hopeless after hearing this painful line.

How to Start A Successful Blog Step-By-Step Guide in 2024

STEP 1. Choose a Niche (topic/interest)

Hey, what do you mean by a niche? Can you please elaborate on it? I am new to this game. Do not worry; I will elaborate on everything in detail for you. In short words, a niche can also be known as a topic. And, you can understand the topic as an interest. For instance, I was interested in Technology. So, I started my blog on Smartphones Technology.

STEP 2. Start Looking at other Websites in your Niche

What do I mean by Start Looking on to other websites in your niche? Start visiting the website which comes under your place. Take inspiration for their content, such as How they write. Are they using Hard words? I would say start judging the other websites which come under your niche. After evaluating most of the sites, make your own structure and road map of your site. Take other websites’ mistakes as your advantage

Step. 3. Take a Pen and Notebook or Use Online Notetaking Resources

Now, start writing content ideas on that note. If you really wanted to be successful in blogging. I would say research about your interest or niche for almost 7 days. Your next step should be finding Content Ideas, i.e., on which you will write, e.g., If I am starting a Travel Website. So, I would write topics such as Best 5 Places to visit in Delhi With Friends or Best 5 Temples to Visit in Delhi. Remember you will need to do something which has not been done by anyone yet.

A Domain and Best Hosting for your Website

You might not understand these terms because you are new to them. Let me make a small glossary to understand better.

What is a Domain?

A domain is the unique name of your website. For Eg. Google. Com. Are you still confused? Let me make it more straightforward for you. For instance, Shambhu takes an interest in body building. Now, he wants to start his own blog because he is passionate about it. Now, Shambhu can choose a domain name called Shambhubodybuilding.[com]. Is it clear to you?

  • What is Hosting?

Hosting means a Virtual Space to store data on your website. Still vague? Let’s take an example. Have you heard about Google Drive? If yes, then you must also have aware of how it stores you Videos, Documents, Picture at single place. That’s what Hosting does. Now, the Domain and Hosting both terms seem technical, but they are not much.

  • Is Domain Name and Hosting Costs for Free?

I know you are curious to know about it. The answer is No. But wait, the price of every domain varies from store to store. On average, a domain costs Rs. 800. And a hosting cost of at least Rs. 199/month.

I am not going to talk about how to set up a blog. Because it is effortless to do it, and everyone can do it by watching a few YouTube tutorials. Thank you for understanding.

What are the Other Requirements?

You will need a Domain and Hosting to start a blog. Yes, I have already mentioned these things above as well. So, why am I repeating it? Because I need your attention. The two most important things are remaining. Have you noticed above, I had written How to Start a Successful Blog instead of Start a Blog? The word “Successful” matters the most.

If you want to start a successful blog. You have to keep in mind that you need to work harder and be more dedicated to your BLOG. Keep in mind, without Passion, Hard Work, and Dedication, you would not achieve your goals.

Remember the phrase:

You can do it. You can do it. You can do it. You can do it. You can do it. You can do it.

What are the Mistakes I Have Made in My Blogging Journey?

I had made countless blunders with the first blog. Still, I am happy because I have learnt something new with every mistake, and now, I can share them with you. I have listed my blunders below.

1. Choose a Profitable Niche:

What do I mean by a Profitable Niche? The more profitable niche you choose, the more you will earn. There are several ways to make from a blog—for instance, Google Adsense, Sponsors, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsor Articles, Brand Collaboration, etc. But not every niche can earn from the methods mentioned above. For Eg, a movie downloading website can not earn from Google Adsense.

2. Do not Copy Content from Other Websites:

This is the huge blunder I made when I was new in this industry. And, I do not want you to make the same mistake. Do not ever copy content from your competitor’s site. Moreover, Google will not rank your website. As a result, you will not be able to earn.

3. Do not Apply Everything Simultaneously:

It could be possible that you have planned different strategies for your blog. But in a rush, you apply every approach without even waiting for the results. Apply techniques to your site by giving them time to show results and analyze them properly.

4. Give Time to Your Learning

As we all know, learning takes time. Do not try to learn everything on the same day. Your knowledge would not be helpful unless you implement it on your blog or whatever you are doing. You will not learn everything quickly; it will take time to understand the whole process. Be patient.

5. Do Not Quit, If You Are Not Getting Results.

Yes, it had happened to me as well. But due to dedication and passion, I was able to keep myself in the game. I was also not getting traffic at the starting of 4–5 months. But still, I was writing because I knew one day I would beat my competitors as well. You will not believe I had ranked my article on Google’s first page under 5 minutes the span after publishing.

6. You Should Not Compare Your Blog with Someone’s Else Blog

I said, do not compare your one-month-old blog with a one-year-old blog. You will not grow your blog if you give attention to someone else’s blog just because he is getting traffic and you’re not. Focus on your blog and take the necessary actions to grow it. Implement hard.

7. Do Not Spam

Sometimes, to bring more traffic to the blog, we usually spam the blog URL on several social media platforms. And, as a result, we get a disheartening ban from social media. In my case, I was spamming my blog URL in a Facebook group, and unfortunately, Facebook banned my domain from their platform. So, the next time, I was not able to get traffic from Facebook anymore.

8. Be Consistent!

Take a paper and write “Be Consistent” several times. Trust me! If you follow this quote. Your blog is going to be super successful. Consistency is the key to success. According to me, a newbie blogger should write at least 100 blogs for continuous 100 days. Remember the point when I said, write all the topics in one place, and find all the topics in your niche in advance. Mark my words, you will not face any content shortage issue.

9. Optimum Utilization of Resources

Make profiles on the name of your blog and optimize it accordingly. Promote it like a brand; tell it to your friends, family, colleagues. Utilize all the resources present on the internet, whether it is social media, forums, and more. You will be able to make it successful.

10. Learning is the Most Important Thing

I am thankful that I have not stopped learning in the early stages of blogging. But still, I am sharing it because few people just start their blog and do not discover other tactics and strategies to grow their blog. Remember one thing, growth is essential. If you are not learning, you are learning. Learn something new every day.

11. Implement Properly

As I said above, learning is essential. The next important step which comes after learning is implementing what you have learned. If you are only busy learning and not implementing it. Then, buddy, that knowledge is just a theory for you unless you practically try it.

No, the mistakes are countless. But these were the same mistakes I wanted to highlight. Do not be afraid of making mistakes.

Advice For New Bloggers

1. Quality and Quantity Content Both Matter.

It does not matter that every long article will rank on Google. Articles with more information and lesser words also rank much faster and higher. Do you remember that 5 minutes example? Yes, I had also implemented the same strategy with that article, and it ranked in the first position under 5 minutes. That was incredible.

2. Write Articles/Blogs on Problem Solving Queries

Most of the newbie articles always target a broader audience. Newbie bloggers should write articles on specific search queries. Let me explain more about this. For instance, a person is searching on Google, “How to Install Google Camera on XYZ Smartphone”? And, Google is actually looking for someone who has written a whole article on this specific query with valuable information. No more storytelling and all, only clear target answers. If Google thinks you are the one, it will definitely rank you. Now, you can rank faster by writing articles on specific search queries.

3. Find Loopholes in Your Competitors Article and Take Advantage Of It

When you will start finding loopholes or mistakes in your competitor’s articles. On that day, you will start getting higher rankings if you implement it harder. Take your competitors’ mistakes to your advantage.

4. Keep an Eye on Your Website Speed

Website speed is one of the significant factors behind rankings. If your website speed is slower than ever, Google will not rank you by any chance. Because if users face problems with your site speed. As a result, Google will not rank you. So, keep checking your website rate once a week. Try to use 7–8 essential plugins maximum. Moreover, use a lightweight theme such as Generate Press.

5. Keep Making Backlinks

Backlinks are essential for ranking but not more than the quality of your content. Try to make profile backlinks. Profile Backlinks are easy to make, but they may consume your time. Still, I hope you can invest your time in better rankings.

7. Consistency is the Key

I am focusing on consistency because it is essential for better rankings. The best way to let Google know about your website presence is consistency. In the starting days, you will see your Google position is changing every day, also known as Google Dancing. It is familiar with new sites.

8. Write Content in Easy and Readable Language

Every new blogger should write the content in an easy to read language. It is not necessary to show off your strength in English by writing hard to read articles. Write content that can be read by a ten year old child and 20 year old person as well.

9. Build Presence on Social Media Platforms

Social Media is the best way to bring traffic to a new website. I am repeating, use social as much as you can to build your brand. But do not break their guidelines, or they will ban you. Here, I am sharing a picture of one of my favorite social media profiles called Pinterest. Pinterest had brought me 500+ visitors per month. Still, I do not believe it. Have a look.

Very important note 

Whenever the size of the article is more than 1500 words, build backlinks also within your article to get the best search results 

Also, build your own social networking pages to get backlinks and speed up the archiving of the article within them 

In the end, I hope that you liked the article. I wish you all the best, affenpocken

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