First Aid training for the Workplace

Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, and one place we spend a lot of time is in the workplace, so it is best to be prepared with high-quality and regulated First Aid training.

First Aid workplace training courses provide a wide range of practical first aid skills which are invaluable in the working environments, from office to factory floor, it is essential that businesses address their responsibilities and ensure they have suitable first aid cover in the workplace. First aiders need to have the ability and background knowledge to deal with a wide variety of first aid emergencies.

When selecting courses, specifically for workplace environments, they should meet the standards required for compliance with Health and Safety (First aid) regulations, like those delivered by professional training providers like Centaur Training Services, to help ensure regulated and quality assured First Aid training is received.

A great place to start is with a Level 3 First Aid at Work course, designed to help improve the attendee’s knowledge and understanding of first aid requirements in the workplace. During the 3-day training course, students will learn about cross-infection, basic safety equipment use, incident management, and how to report emergencies in line with your business regulations. The course covers critical skills such as how to appropriately treat someone who is bleeding, choking, or suffering from shock. Experienced trainers explain the best way to deal with life threatening conditions such as seizures, unconsciousness, or a non-breathing casualty. In addition, students will be shown how to handle a situation where the casualty is having a heart attack, anaphylaxis, asthma, or cardiac arrest. All students are assessed by qualified expert trainers throughout the duration of the course, delivering a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject.

In short, the Level 3 First aid at Work course gives students the essential, life-saving skills that will prepare them for basic and urgent medical care in the workplace.

This Centaur Training administered course is essential for anyone looking to gain an understanding of first aid in the workplace and is an essential certification for anyone looking to become the designated first aider in their company. This course is accredited by FAIB but can be accredited by Qualsafe awards for a small extra

fee, depending on your needs.

Attendees of the Level 3 First Aid at Work course will gain insight and skills that will allow them to:

Describe their role as the first aider and what their duties will be in the workplace. They will also be able to reference the available medical equipment and when these will need to be used.

Explain how they should report emergencies in line with their employer’s safety regulations.

Demonstrate how to administer medical treatment for a range of situations, including asthma, choking, bleeds, shock, unconsciousness, and seizures.

Understand the importance of basic hygiene in first aid procedures.

Treat patients who have injured their bones, require CPR, had a bang to their head, are suffering an anaphylactic shock or breathing problems.

Demonstrate effective casualty care, management, and movement.

Explain how you can quickly and effectively treat someone who’s been crushed, exposed to smoke inhalation, poisoned, burned, or has abdominal pain/injury.

It is recommended that employers conduct regular risk assessments so that they select the most appropriate course and number of first aiders for their business. This involves consideration of a number of factors including hazards and risks in your workplace, number of employees, accident history, lone workers and distribution of workforce. If you are unsure on what first aid provisions you require, we have provided a link at the bottom of the Level 3 First Aid at Work course page. Follow the link titled ‘First Aid Requirements Calculator’, it uses up to date HSE recommendations to find the right course for you, quickly and easily.

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