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It is great if you have realized by now that a forex firm is all you need these days to reach the dreamed boom. There was a time when traders had to go all the way to the stock market and get the deal done. But for the past few years, I have been a witness to the massive influx of these forex firms. I cannot disagree with the fact that these have made life significantly easier but simultaneously they have added to our anxieties, only if we take a closer look. 

You simply hit the search button and there you go. Hundreds and thousands of such firms on your fingertips. How cool does it seem? Well, it isn’t that easy and you only realize that once you get into the selection procedure. Picking the right platform can be nerve-wracking. If you do not perform thorough research and make a comprehensive checklist before starting off, you might find yourself at the losing end. Young traders out there serve as a great trap material for the imposters and tricksters out there. They never keep from taking full advantage of your naive nature so it is advisable to stay cautious and watch out. 

My assertive tone is attributed to all the times that I became a victim of these cunning minds and strategies. Let’s talk of forex firms alone. Before reaching this one, I have had the misfortune of being associated with a total of 4 unreliable forums. I cannot recall sleeping peacefully these years. Either I was dodging the security threats or fighting off the weak customer department services. What horrible times those were. Poor services eventually made me make my way to the next until I reached Carter-Williams.  

How did I find Carter-Williams?

I did not bump into the platform luckily. Most people don’t. You need to research your way through the hardships. After being deceived from the 3 platforms I told myself it was enough. I sort of knew where I was wrong but my laziness kept me from setting it right. After so many failures, I knew I had to get stuff done the right way. One day I went out to my dad’s friend who is an established trader. After hearing my foolishness-packed stories, he was not only sad but also shocked. He kept repeating how he didn’t expect such behaviour from someone like him. And this goes for you all. Never make decisions unless you’re sure that you have spent a decent amount of time thinking over it. 

He opened his laptop and showed me 4 to 5 recommended firms and asked me to go through this individually and then pick the one which suits my trading needs. He taught me all that one has to look for in a forex firm. I found Carter-Williams perfect according to the criteria. I am here to review Carter-Williams in a way that you understand how my trading experience with it has been and also to help you figure out which one you should go for. Let us start without making you wait any longer. 

The Overall Look

I opened the website and immediately the white backdrop and purple graphics won my heart. I have seen that the majority of the forex forums have adopted a dark thee. I am not a huge fan of monochrome because of the way it affects my eyes. Apart from that, the chart reading and interpretation processes get very stressful with darkness all around. This is particularly why I like it this way. My fellow colleagues say they like the dark more because it seems more professional. We cannot ignore this popular opinion hence, it would be great if an option is added which lets individuals pick light or dark themes. 

The graphics and user interface are highly satisfactory. The entire website is self-explanatory and it is designed in a way that lets one easily reach where they wish to. You can easily navigate through it and come back to the main page only by clicking the website logo. Both neophytes and old traders can use it equally conveniently. User-friendliness gets a thumbs up for my side. 


Tools happen to be another area that is flawlessly developed at the forum. An experienced trader can tell how imperative tools can be when the market is always going around risks and uncertainties. Although there is a wide range of tools, my favourite ones are the flashing stocks bar and the chart tool. The stock bar is much applauded because of the way it lets one get an idea of stock worth in a mere glance. The upward and downward pointing arrows help you quickly judge what the stock is up to. 

Chart tool manages to top my favourites list because of the degree of customization that users can exercise. You can easily pick from a range of different display styles such as 

  • Spline
  • OHLE
  • Line 
  • Scatter
  • Bar
  • Candle

These many options can turn daunting sometimes. I remember, when I was new to this I had such a hard time adjusting and customizing the current marker. Another drawback that I want to put forth is that there are a lot of menus that one has to go through to reach the desired command. One such command is the adjustment of the x and y-axis. Chart tool has brought me lots of benefits but the most commendable part lies in the fact that you learn while you just play around with it. In no time you learn so many functions as you go on exploring. 

Account Type

Traders from all around the globe use this platform. People from different backgrounds have varying needs and a good platform is one that takes care of all these ranges of needs. Carter-Williams is a forum that is mindful of this and hence they divided their services into groups. These groups or accounts have specs that suit different sets of needs. This is done in an attempt to ensure that none of the traders gets to pay more or less. You pay for what you need. 

There are several account types such as 

  • Basic
  • Silver
  • Gold 
  • Platinum

Basic Account

The basic account is for you if you’re just new to the profession. It gives you all the features you need to get yourself acquainted with the website. All you need to do is submit an initial deposit of €250 and you’re good to go. After this, you’ll get market reviews and leverage up to 100. You can also trade using the 200+ assets to develop your portfolio. 

Silver Account

Next comes the silver account. Once you feel like you’ve developed know-how and now your trading needs more, you can easily upgrade to the higher accounts. This has improved and upgraded features. It requires an initial deposit of €10k. My favourite feature is that with this account comes an experienced senior account manager. These experts always keep an eye on the ongoing market situation and hence their advice is largely fruitful. I am particularly in love with the fact that they never impose opinions, in fact, their opinion is more of a suggestion. It is entirely up to you if you want to go for it. I have seen both the young and the old traders benefiting from their advice. 

Other specs include leverage up to 200, improved spread, risk management, financial planning, trade room analysis, monthly webinars, and much more. Webinars are another very popular feature among the trading community. The way they keep traders updated with emerging trends is amazing. There is much more to the account that you can enjoy once you sign up. 

Gold Account

Next comes the Gold account which is a further improved version and is for large-scale traders. I am a gold account user and currently am in love with it. An initial deposit of €25k is needed but trust me it is completely worth it. From platinum spreads to trading signals, webinars, and leverage up to 300 everything has helped me become a better trader. 

Platinum Account

The platinum account is the highest one and is for the traders who’ve very large businesses. It gives you VIP spreads, leverage up to 400, complete webinar access. The top priority withdrawal is one of the most commendable ones. There’s much more to this account in terms of specs. 

Customer Care

This is a place which you need to visit frequently because as you go on trading you see new needs emerge and the old ones evolve. To keep up with the change, you need to get in contact with experts frequently. This department is great and the representatives are very responsible and responsive to our needs. In order to get in touch with them, you can make use of multiple options such as call, email, or submit a form. All of them are equally helpful in need but my favourite one is the live chat option. 

The Final Word

Carter-Williams’s is my trading partner for years now and the way it takes care of my trading is highly satisfactory. There is much more to it which I could not include. I am grateful for all that I have been offered here. You can definitely consider it as your next choice. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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