5 Restaurants Recommendation You Can Try While in Singapore

Did you know, besides being famous for its tourist sites and developed people, Singapore is also one of the countries that have a lot of delicious food? Culinary in Singapore is very diverse. You can find European food, Chinese food, Arabic food, Malay food, and also Singapore’s specialties.

Until now, Singapore is known as a country with a high cost of living. This is because to fulfill the needs of its population, Singapore must import from its neighboring countries. Their small territory does not allow them to produce their food. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t find delicious food at an affordable price.

To be able to vacation with a tight budget, you certainly need to save money and look for cheap places to eat. By buying cheap food, you can try a wider variety of food in Singapore.

Culinary tourism is one of the activities that should not be forgotten while on vacation. When visiting a country, of course, you also need to try the special foods there. You have to taste the flavors of other countries to add a diverse culinary experience. Here are some cheap and delicious places to eat in Singapore :

Long Puang Vietnamese Restaurant

Located near Geylang Hotel, this restaurant serves Vietnam authentic food. The restaurant is always busy, especially during meal times. Sometimes there can be very long queues, but it all pays off when you taste the Beef Pho. Many people said that it’s worth trying to eat there. Note: Contains Pork (non-halal).

Satay By The Bay

If you stay at Lloyd Inn, you can find halal food on Satay by The Bay. This restaurant is located between Marina Barrage and Gardens by The Bay. This restaurant offers a culinary sensation while enjoying views of the Marina Bay landscape against a backdrop of lush green plants.

Some of the popular halal satay stalls in Marina Bay Singapore and a must-try are Sri Geylang Sate and Opah Satay. But not only satay, but here you can also try a line of foods such as biryani and other Turkish dishes.

Lucky Chicken Rice

This Malay-style roasted chicken is always enticing for tourists. The roasted duck will be served with fresh broth and processed rice that looks tasty. If all the compositions are put together, they will taste delicious and different. When you try it, you are guaranteed to feel addicted.

This restaurant is located at Lucky Plaza, at 304 Orchard Road. If you want to try the roast duck, you only need to spend around SGD 4, quite cheap, isn’t it? Consuming this food will make your stomach feel full.

Ponggol Nasi Lemak

A trip to Singapore won’t be complete without trying Nasi Lemak. Even though the name is Ponggol, the location is not in Ponggol, but at 965 Upper Serangoon Road. The taste will satisfy your tongue. This restaurant always gets positive reviews from its visitors. Open 24 hours, and closed every Tuesday.

Bismillah Biryani

Biryani rice is always the best. Besides being halal, this dish has a very rich spice taste and has a variety of topping choices, such as chicken and eggs. If you intend to visit the Little India area, then you must eat at this place. Biryani rice in this place is famous for being delicious.

Bismillah Biryani is located on Dunlop Street, Little India. You will feel the sensation of eating different rice because the shape of the rice is long and also tasty. The combination of rice with a special spice sauce makes this rice even more special.

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