Why Should Entrepreneurs Invest in the iGaming Industry?

The iGaming industry is becoming a new trend in the market. Due to the expansion of technology, people found this industry entertaining and engaging. At present, it is a good time for the investors and operators to enter into the iGaming industry. As per the business research, the iGaming market is expected to reach by $ 565.4 billion and it is going to rise at an exponential rate with the emergence of augmented reality and virtual reality. According to the statistical records, the iGaming market is expected to reach 94 billion by the end of 2024. The transparency market research says that the industry can generate the US $ 100 billion by 2024. 

The iGaming industry simply involves playing online on the outcome of a game or event via the internet. The industry has a wide range of sports involved and has the largest share in the market. The iGaming industry has become more appealing with the innovation of technology and creativity in the market. 


Benefits to Invest in the iGaming Industry

Before you look into the future of the iGaming industry, it is important to know that this industry is beneficial for everyone. Its benefits are as follows:

  • To sustain in the competitive market, the operators can opt for effective software providers like GammaStack that can build customized platforms and help them in attracting a huge audience easily.

  • The investors and operators can start entering into the industry by investing in technology, game development, financial services, which are linked to gaming. These can be a beneficial investment for the operators and can build new opportunities for them in the future. 
  • Due to huge diversification in the industry, the operators can increase their source of revenue for the long-run.
  • The operators have the choice to start their iGaming business with VR gaming or through investing in game development can result in huge profits.
  • The iGaming industry is a rich industry and has the unpredictable potential of rising new sectors such as esports, Virtual reality, cryptocurrencies, and many more. This could be a huge opportunity for operators to invest in the iGaming industry.
  • The operators have several opportunities with the new market, enhancement of regulations, the advancement of technology to build their business successfully in the market. 

Role of Technology

The iGaming industry is based on the acceptance of technological advancements that is the main cause of investment by the operators. The industry is based on innovation and operators can implement creative ideas into their games for attracting their audience. Nowadays the usage of VR and AR technologies also engages the audience and enhances their experience. 

Virtual Reality: The virtual reality market involves sales of iGaming services through VR based online channels by entities that operate iGaming facilities. The technology of virtual reality is used in the iGaming industry for sounds, creating realistic images, and other objects to replicate the physical presence of a user in a virtual environment. The players can enjoy the virtual gaming experience with other players on the platform. 

Augmented Reality: It is a technology that uses projection technology to overlay virtual images into the real world. It turns physical environments into virtual reality by replacing the virtual objects with the real world. The usage of these technologies in the iGaming industry can attract large numbers of users easily and can improve the user experience. 

Market Overview of the iGaming Industry

  • The Asia-Pacific region has the largest market share for the iGaming industry with 32% of total global market share. 
  • The other region such as North America, Western Europe, and other regions has an 8% growth rate in the iGaming industry.
  • As per the statistical records the iGaming industry will grow by 8.77% of CAGR between 2019-2024. 
  • The research of GlobeNewswire shows the rise of the iGaming market by $ 155.49 billion by 2024. 
  • The reports of the American Gaming Association shows that there are more than 2800 active online sites available in the market that offer various games of the iGaming industry. 
  • The gross iGaming market is expected to generate approx 400 billion dollars every year in the  USA.

Future of iGaming Industry

If you are also planning to invest in the iGaming business, it is important to know about the future opportunities of the industry. Already we have seen a growing scenario of the iGaming industry, it has a lot of potential to grow your business successfully in the market. 

Due to the advancement of technology and developing digital currencies, iGaming platforms are developing over time. The iGaming industry business does not involve huge time and easily influence the audience in the market. 

The iGaming platform offers a wide variety of games that can be chosen by the players as per their choice. Thus, undoubtedly the future of the iGaming industry will only become better and the future of investors and operators will be fantastic.


The iGaming industry is the fastest-growing sector in the market and comes a long way in the economy.  As discussed above, it has several advantages that ensure the benefits to the operators. As stated above the growing market of the industry shows a sign of profitability for the operators. The statistical research also shows the upcoming opportunities for the operators in the market. As discussed earlier the expansion of technology is also the main reason behind the growth of the iGaming industry. The future scenario of the iGaming industry also represents the growing aspect of the industry. Thus, if you are also interested in investing in the iGaming industry then it is the right time for you to revise your revenue model and sustain your business in the competitive market. 

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