What is UX design?

User experience design, expressed simply, is the process of organising the feelings a person has while interacting with a product.

The interaction that a human user has with routine products and services is the main emphasis of UX design. UX design is to make using these products and services, whether they are digital or physical, simple, comprehensible, and enjoyable.

Possibly a good portion of your free time was spent looking through evaluations for a new coffee machine. In essence, you’re searching for a device with features that will give you, the user, a wonderful experience rather than just a new appliance.

Examples of features that cater to the user’s demands, make it simple to use, and provide the user flexibility and freedom when using include an anti-drip spout, auto-shut off, and a reusable basket. This is comparable to how UX / UI Design approach the creation of a web application. They desire a simple and intuitive user interface.

Since the 1990s, the phrase “user experience” has been in usage. Before Apple became the well-known brand it is today, Don Norman, a cognitive scientist at the company, came up with the phrase. He put a lot of emphasis on user-centered design, which prioritises the user during the product design process. Although you presumably already know what the term “user-friendly” means, it wasn’t all that common back then.

However, UX incorporates all facets of the end-user’s relationship with the business, its services, and its goods. It is not just limited to physical and digital items.

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