What is the Best Platform to Build an E-commerce Website

Whether you have a startup or an already up-and-running business, a good website can help you reach the full potential of your business.

 For that, you need a reliable platform that can help you run to build the website and run it accordingly. 

The e-commerce platform is soaring in recent times because of the easy access to the internet all over the world.

It’s not easy to manage every aspect of a business on your own. Sometimes, it’s okay to seek outside help. 

There are tons of platforms where you can build your website and run the business as you go. Some of the platforms have many amazing features that would make the whole process go a lot smoother. 

In this article, we will look at some of the best platforms for your e-commerce websites.


Weebly is one of the most popular names in the E-commerce world, with over 40 million customers worldwide. It was founded back in 2006 and is going strong still. If you need a simple store with built-in marketing automation, then Weebly is an ideal option for you to promote your business. It has a user-friendly interface with a simple dashboard.

You can also use the mobile app if you want to manage your website wherever you go. Weebly is the first choice for many new entrepreneurs who are not looking for developers to promote their business.

Weebly offers 3 different price plans. All of them support e-commerce, but the Business and Performance plans are best-suited to accommodate any e-commerce business. You cannot sell any digital goods on Weebly. As for the physical goods, you can sell 25 products with a 3% transaction fee.


– Easy-to-use dashboard

– Mobile app available

– Beautiful designs to choose from (numerous free and cheap options)

– Affordable e-commerce marketing automation


Shopify is one of the best platform sellers can choose. Shopify works really well with social media marketing like Facebook Ads and such. The SEO management of Shopify might not be the best, but it offers 1-click sales for fast transactions. 

With the drag and drop interface, you can easily set up your store online. Many new users choose Shopify since they can learn their way around the platform in a few minutes. It also has a mobile app where you can use the brick and mortar stores for payments. You can get 10 themes for free if you sign up now. For the paid themes, you have to spend from $100 and up.


– Easy to set up

– Single-click selling option

– Superfast loading time

– A wide variety of designs

– Numerous certified partners at your disposal


Found in 2009, BigCommerce has over 750 employees in its multiple offices all over the world. For setting up big and complex online stores, BigCommerce is the first choice for a lot of sellers. Thousands of companies are using BigCommerce to create their unique online stores to draw in more customers every day.

BigCommerce has an easy interface, but the learning curve for this platform is a little higher than others since there are a lot of features to experiment with. The SEO integration with BigCommerce is quite fun since you can modify page titles and use custom URLs for your website. You can sell products in multiple currencies, which a lot of other platforms don’t offer.

Pricing for BigCommerce divided are into four tiers- the Standard plan ($29.95/month), Plus plan ($79.95/month), Pro plan ($299.95/month), and the Enterprise plan, which is only available under request. You also get a 10% discount on the Plus and Pro plans if you decide to go for the annual payment.


– 24/7 live chat, phone, and e-mail support

– Customer support even in the trial period

– Online help center

– Customized domains for users

– Supports multiple currencies

– 4 different plans


Squarespace offers stunning template designs for online stores that you can use to make your dream store in a few simple steps. If the design is your main priority, then Squarespace is just what you need. It can feel a little complex to use compared to other website building platforms. But, once you get comfortable with the setup, you would never go back.

First impressions matter a lot. That’s why Squarespace focuses on design. When your visitors are greeted with a stunning visual of your online store, they will stay longer than intended. 

The Basic plan ($30/month or $26/month paid annually) is ideal for setting up any small business. You get features like commerce analytics, customer accounts, and checkout on your domain. The Advanced plan ($46/month, or $40/month paid annually) includes all features from the Basic plan and some extra ones. It has gift cards, automatic discounts, abandoned cart recovery, etc.


– Stunning designs

– Free trial period

– Value for money

– Return on investment

– Customized domain


Wix is a user-friendly website builder, as well as an e-commerce option. With Wix, you get access to tons of selling tools to help your store get up and running. You can sell any product you wish without any transaction fee. For a new entrepreneur, the Basic plan is more than enough to help build an amazing online store. You would get all the necessary tools in just $23.

Wix offers 4 paid plans- Basic plan ($23/month), Unlimited plan ($27/month), VIP ($49/month), and the Enterprise plan, which is billed under custom pricing. There is also a free plan available for you to build your store. But you cannot accept any payment or launch the store without choosing any of the paid plans. The Basic plan has everything you would need to start a new online store. The VIP plan is more suited for stores that are already established and need more features.


– Easy-to-use

– Online booking options

– Abandoned cart recovery helps recapture customers

– Selling options across social channels

– Over 15 payment options

– Reservation management

Bottom Line

Consider what each of the platforms has to offer before you pick one for your website. Any of the platforms above can help your business reach new heights. Just make sure you don’t go over your budget. Put every tool at your disposal to proper use. 

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