What is the best electric meat grinder for home kitchen use?

With the development of society and people’s production levels continue to improve, home meat grinder for electric mode, using household 220V power, more and more families began to use this product, so that the home meat grinder has become the new favorite household appliances in the kitchen. Electric meat grinder using a stronger rotation strength of the motor, then we understand the performance and use of electric meat grinder.

Home kitchen use electric meat grinder can be used to stir peanuts, onions, garlic, spices and other food, but also can be used to stir vegetables, fruits, making milkshakes.

Electric meat grinder features

  1, the appearance of the design is more fashionable, to meet the aesthetic requirements of many people, the structure is designed to be reasonable, easy to operate;

  2, split design, so that cleaning the machine is convenient, the container below, unlike similar market mixers designed to container above, more convenient and practical, so that the case will not have to worry about stirring the juice will flow out;

  3, 250W motor, the power is more powerful, in order to extend the service life please operate according to the instructions. The container is made of tempered glass material, more durable. Home meat grinder using 1L capacity meat grinder cup, can meet the different needs of large and small families;

  4, suitable for making baby and elderly food special, can stir a variety of food: carrots, garlic puree, etc., suitable for modern families for multi-functional use;

  5, the blades use food hygiene grade stainless steel stirring, the use of reassurance and safety;

  6, home meat grinder stirred out of the meat filling color is bright red, its overall use of separable parts, easy to disassemble, cleaning is more convenient;

  7, the design of the use of large buttons point-action switch button to protect the life of the machine, the use of the process is safer;

  8, the internal motor with over-temperature protection function, longer service life, black small button safety switch device, is also designed for the use of safety and;

  9, set with the opening safety lock, the above mask does not card the machine is not turning to ensure the safety of the user’s operation.

  New Style Electric meat grinder in our lives is becoming more and more popular, electric meat grinder design uses grinding meat, vegetables, knife sharpness is incomparable, so clean the blade please hold the middle shaft, so as not to hurt your hands.

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