What are the Steps to Obtain TEC Certification in India

Import of telecom products is only possible after they have gone through the mandatory testing. in India, the responsibility for conducting the said test falls on the shoulders of Telecommunication Engineering Centre. Succeeding the tests leads to you getting TEC certificate – proof that your telecom equipment is fit to be used by Indian customer.

But how does one start this TEC certification process? Is there a secret way to it? And if there is, how can you know all the details from the very start? Don’t worry, for this blog is all you need to read to get started with the TEC certification procedure.

What is TEC certification?

Telecom Equipment, because of their varying nature and reliance on certain frequencies, are considered dangerous. Therefore, the government, through the Department of Telecommunication enforces the rules that all foreign telecom products can only be sold on the Indian market before they are tested properly.

The DOT enforced these rules via Telecommunication Engineering centre, who in turn created MTCTE or the Mandatory Testing of Telecom Equipment.

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What are the different types of test conducted by Telecommunication Engineering Centre

The MTCTE contains the following types of test that all telecom products have to be pass before they can be imported for selling purpose in India:

RF Test: Also known as the Radio Frequency Test, it’s done to see the level of radio frequency emissions of the telecom equipment.

Connectivity Test: Telecom equipment operate when they are connected to other electrical hardware. The connectivity test is done to assess whether that connection leads to damage to that hardware.

Safety Test: Telecom equipment for which TEC certification is given are not passive (non electric) in nature. Thus, the TEC conducts a safety test to see whether they are safe for people to use.

What is the process of TEC certification

To take your telecom equipment through the three tests, you need to apply for the TEC certificate. Its procedure entails the following steps:

Create an account: The Department of Telecommunications hosts a website through which aspirants can apply for certificate of registration by the TEC. However,  

before you can access the application form, you need get approval for an account. The procedure for account approval includes:

Uploading the power of attorney giving AIR the authorization to file your application

And, uploading the power of attorney giving Indian OEM the authorization to watch over the AIR.

File the application: After creation of your account, you’ll get the user credentials. Use them to login to your TEC dashboard and fill the application form.

Fee submission and downloading the application: Filing the application ends with submission of the certification fee. How much is it? The cost of certification varies depending upon the category of telecom equipment. After you submit the requisite fee, download the application form.

Take the printout of the form and submit it to the TEC department: Take the printout of the downloaded application form. Submit it to the TEC department along with the documents listed below:

POA authorizing the AIR to deal with the TEC certification process

Specification of the telecom equipment

Independent test report

Manufacturing license of the telecom equipment issued by the department of the country in which the product is manufactured.

Technical specification of the equipment

Sample of the equipment

After submitting the application, the equipment and the documents, your task is done. The ball is in the court of TEC now.

It will now assess your sample and conduct the three tests for safety, connectivity and radio-frequency. If your product meets the telecom regulatory standards of TEC, you’ll get TEC certification.

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What if even after taking all the steps correctly, you don’t get the certificate? It can happen, especially if you’re doing it on your own. Remember the TEC is government body. Thus, you can expect the route from your application to your certification to be a smooth sail.

Get in touch with Telecom License Consultant to help you out. They will act as your AIR, dealing with all the necessary requirements of certifications. And if your application hits a snag, they will conduct a follow up properly.

This article details the steps you must take to obtain TEC certification in India. If you want more information in this regard, consult with Registrationwala.

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