What Are The Job Opportunities After Red Hat RHCSA And RHCE Certifications?

With the IT industry always on the lookout for the next big thing, it makes sense if you are too. The Red Hat certification helps a prospective employee stand out in a crowd and paints them as reliable and credible, the two things that companies are looking for in employees.

This certification is used by those who want to deploy and configure networking services on Linux. The Red Hat has only two credentials in regards to Linux operations.

In this day and age, there are more and more companies that are shifting to Linux systems. It is partially because of the superior practical knowledge it gives to its users. Even those who wish to take a cybersecuritycourse prefer the Linux operating system due to its potential.

There are two certifications you can get from Red Hat services. The RHCSA stands for Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator, and the RHCE stands for the Red Hat Certified Engineer.

Red Hat Certified System Administrator

Red Hat Certified System Administrator is a foundation exam for those that want to venture into the Red Hat journey. It is ideal for IT professionals to get core system administration skills essential for working on the Linux platform.

Many people do opt for Red Hat trainingwhen applying for this certification. Here is where most of them get their hands on the foundational skills of Linux and how it interacts with various systems. In this course, you also get the opportunity to learn how to configure and install Red Hat Enterprises Linux and connect live networks to the system.

To get this certification, individuals have to pass the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) EX200. The test mainly focuses on the candidate’s knowledge of system administration during different scenarios.

Job Opportunities For Red Hat RHCSA Certified

Many job opportunities become available to you after you get a Red Hat certification. As a certified member of Red Hat, you will be eligible for jobs as a Linux System Administrator, System Administrator and Senior Systems Administrator.

Starting as a Linux Administrator, there is always room for advancement in your career. The more effort you put in, the faster your skills and proficiency at work will increase. It would, in turn, make you eligible for posts like Information Systems Engineer, among other roles.

Red Hat Certified Engineer

A level up from the Red Hat Certified Administrator, Red Hat Certified Engineer is for those who want to get information about Linux operations basics. It is also a challenging certification, the most prominent reason professionals opt for the Red Hat online training.You can only receive your engineer certification after you have availed of your administration certification.

When getting certified, you can either go for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. They have two separate examinations. For Linux 7, EX300 is available till June 2020, and for Linux 8, EX294 is available subsequently after.

Job Opportunities For Red Hat RHCE Certified

Red Hat Certified Engineer is the perfect certification for gaining real hands-on learning into Linux. With this certificate, you will be qualified to apply for entry-level certifications like Linux System Administrator and Systems IT Engineer.

With more experience in Linux and a longer time spent working on the system, you will be able to apply for jobs like Senior Linux Service Engineer or Technical Lead Linux Server, both of which are generally available only for senior-level candidates.

Red Hat certifications can come in handy for those who wish to take up a hacking course. It gives a robust background knowledge into the Linux operating system that is sure to come in handy to keep the system running smoothly and bug-free.


Linux is a very in-demand operating system that many people all over the world use indiscriminately. There are many chances for advancement in Linux, and your career will be on a concrete and stable track.

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