What are the best ways to manufacture hair extension boxes?

Hair extensions are artificial hair integration. These are added to natural hair to make them look longer or to add volume. The hair extensions are usually clipped or glued with natural hair. There is various form of hair extensions available in the market. These may be made up of natural hair or synthetic. These are available in the market in different colors, such as black, brown, dark brown, blonde, or colored extensions. These have become more demanded as compared to wigs due to their natural look. People might use it in daily life but usually on special occasions. Hair extensions are available in packaged boxes in the market. These are delicate and need packaging to transport easily from one place to another. 

Therefore, companies place these in packaging to keep the extensions safe and protected from any damage. The best method to make the packaging for the hair extension boxes is as follow:

Choose the perfect paper for boxes:

The box can be made from versatile paper materials. There are many types of paper materials available, such as cardboard, metalized material, and eco-friendly. One may select from these to create a box that best fits the hair extension. 

Choose the paper according to the type of hair extensions. For longer and heavier extensions, choose strong and durable packaging. For short and light hair extensions, use light and catchy boxes. One can also go for an eco-friendly paper that will help recognize the brand as environmentally conscious. It will make your brand known among nature-caring customers.

Make them in various sizes:

Hair extensions are available in various sizes and lengths. Therefore, one can get hair extension boxes in different sizes which are suitable for the product. For example, if the extensions have a large volume and length, we can use large packaging. Additionally, we can create a range of boxes, ranging from smaller to longer and heavier. 

Sometimes hair extensions are used in combination with some other hair extensions. Therefore, one can create hair extension boxes according to the size of the product. If there are two types of hair extensions, one may get a packaging that will incorporate them both easily. Various range of boxes, when placed in the market, can become the center of attraction.

Develop multi-color boxes:

Hair extensions are made in various colors. The routinely used hair extensions are of natural colors, such as black, dark brown, blonde, etc. The hair extensions for fashion are of bright artificial colors, such as purple, red, pink, etc. Therefore, one can make the packaging the same color as the hair extensions. 

Additionally, this will save the customers from the extra hassle. As customers can easily find the desired color with one look among the stock instead of looking and searching for a specific color. It would make the hair extensions a public attraction. Therefore, creating varying color packaging could be the best way to manufacture hair extension boxes. 

Custom printed hair extension boxes:

Custom printed boxes will give a great advantage to the manufacturer.  In custom printing, the packaging will vary according to the choice and needs of the person. One can develop any design or style for the hair extension boxes. Every brand has a signature style that makes it distinct from others. One may design it in its standard design or make it unique from usual to stand out. 

In this, one can customize the complete pattern of the box that will gain it recognition in the market. It will also enhance the sales of the product and will also attract newer customers. So custom printing of the boxes can be quite beneficial.

Make the boxes convenient:

To attract the customers, make the boxes convenient. Going too overboard with making the box fancy may have the opposite effect. Contemporarily people look for their convenience. If the packaging seems convenient to use, people will prefer it. For example, make the packaging lightweight and durable.  

One can also make it easy to find by matching the box colors as extensions. Moreover, one can add a ribbon handle to carry the boxes. Instead of holding it in hand, one can move it comfortably with a handle. The packing will look like a gift as well as engaging. So you will get a double benefit. Everyone will opt for the convenient and easy-to-find box. Additionally, it will save them time. The handy and comfortable hair extension boxes will leave a good impression.

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