What Are the Benefits of Hiring Professional Movers?

There’s no way you can get around it. Any move takes time, money, and stress, whether across the town or other side of the country. And there are various things to figure out before making a move. 

For many, hiring professional movers is the better option. It can help release the stress that comes with the process. 

You’ll never go wrong with hiring them rather than doing it on your own. If you’re embarking on a new exciting chapter in your life and ready to move, it would be best if you considered the various benefits of hiring Calgary moving companies to guide you through the process.

A professional moving company can create a difference in your moving experience from pre-planning, packing, unpacking, and settling in. 

You might therefore ask, “what are the benefits of hiring professional movers? Read on and find out.

Professional Movers Save Time and Energy

It takes time and energy to pack and prepare to move. Getting your friends and family to help you move also takes time and energy.

It would be best to devote time to finding the right truck. Car loading and unloading will also require time and effort.

It means if you move alone, you will waste lots of time and energy. During their shifts, they often require movers to perform the task every day.

With their experience in the field, they use the most efficient methods.  

Hiring Professional Movers Provide Insurance

Many professional moving companies are insured. They provide various insurance protection options for your property, for example:

  • Released Value Coverage (Basic Carrier Liability) – This is an essential coverage required by law. 

It’s free coverage that depends on the weight of the item. However, if your high-value items get damaged while on transit, they’ll hardly come close to the total replacement value payment. 

  • Full Value Protection (Full Replacement Value Protection) – You have to purchase this insurance option as the law requires. 

An advantage of this insurance option is it’ll pay you for the current market replacement value of the item, similar item replacement, or item repair. 

If you’re thinking of opting for complete value protection, ensure you have all the details of the mover’s specific plan to determine how it calculates the replacement value. 

It would help to learn the limits of your mover’s liability, especially if you have items of extraordinary value. 

It would help to get the right insurance coverage for moving. This insurance will depend on whether you’re moving locally, long-distance, and the type of items moved.

Professional Movers Have the Necessary Equipment

When you move items carelessly, there’s a greater chance of breakages and even personal injury. 

Moving your couch or fridge is no small feat. Getting an item from one point to the other requires special equipment. 

You can save yourself a last-minute trip to the rental store by letting professional movers handle your moving because they possess the special equipment. These are at your disposal once you pay for your preferred package. 

Movers might possess examples of the following packing material:

  • Plastic Shrink wraps – protects furniture from possible damages or scratches
  • Covers – protect mattresses, sofas, or other beddings from damage
  • Moving blankets – allow you to guard the corner of your equipment to avoid scratches during transportation
  • Specific cartons – to pack particular items like plates, wardrobe boxes, or cutlery. 
  • Movers might also possess transport equipment like:
  • Hand truck/ Trolleys – helps them avoid carrying everything by hand, especially if packing near the building is a challenge.
  • Shoulders – lengths of woven material or nylon formed into a loop or harness that you can wear around your forearms. It’s ideal for carrying heavy items like cabinets and refrigerators. 

Moving Companies Have Experience

A professional moving company has the experience of handling fragile and heavy items. 

No homeowner enjoys moving large, bulky items by themselves. Most of these items are heavy and therefore difficult to move around and out of your door. 

Professional moving companies won’t mind handling bulky and oversized items. They have the experience of moving your bulky furniture, appliances, etc., safely. 

They can also take breakable and fragile items. They can pack these items properly and ensure they prevent damage while on transit. You’re, therefore, ensured your items will reach their destination safe and sound. 

Moving Companies Save You Money

According to Move your moving price will vary and depend on various factors. But hiring a mover can save you high moving costs. 

For example, consider the cost of renting the tools and equipment while moving, add a truck and furniture pads, and combine it with the value of your time. 

This time might include getting your friends or relatives that you might provide a tip after the process. 

A professional mover will provide you with a competitive price package with additional services, like packaging and unpacking. Imagine if the packaging materials like bubble wrap, boxes, or coverings. These packaging materials can add up if you decide to do it by yourself. 


When it’s time to make a move, it will help to reduce your stress and focus on pleasant emotions by letting a professional moving company handle all the super heavy lifting. 

A team of experienced, insured movers will provide you with peace of mind by providing you with the above benefits. 

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