What are Small-batch Wines?

The term ‘small-batch’ encompasses so many different aspects of the artisan wine industry. However, just because a wine is made in a small-batch doesn’t mean it can’t have a big impact. When it comes to size, in the wine industry, small isn’t a bad thing. Small can mean rare, or made in small amounts. And rare means valuable, not just in monetary terms, but morally too, for the environment. 

So why should you, the discerning consumer, switch from purchasing your plonk at the local supermarket to purchasing your small-batch wines through Plonk?

  • Care and consideration
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Rarity value
  • Better for you
  • Socially conscious
  • Agile and adaptable

When you choose to support the small-batch winemakers, you’re supporting innovation. When you choose to buy small-batch wines from a business like Plonk Wine Co, you’re buying into something bigger than just a bottle of wine. With fewer additives and preservatives in the mix, the end result is a fresh wine that is incomparable to a commercially produced bottle.

Small batch winemaking is usually synonymous with farming in an environmentally friendly way, through organic methods or biodynamic ones. Creating wines that are natural, made with limited interference and even fewer additions other than the grapes and love. 

Small-batch wines being better for the environment means better for the planet. Small-batch wines are sustainably produced in an eco-conscious way to ensure their future, rather than made at a detriment to the surrounding environment. 

They are intimately knowledgeable about every last detail of their business, working exceptionally hard to make sure their small business is a success. For these small producers, they live for their handcrafted, artisan wines, and it shows.  

Corporate winemakers on the other hand, simply can’t afford to give their wine the love and attention that small-batch winemakers can. For them, the bottom line is their bottom line. 

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