Wearing a Leather Jacket Like a PRO: Do’s and Don’ts

Leather jackets have been the most popular outerwear in the history of fashion. They were originally worn by pilots in WWI and later became a staple of almost every wardrobe. Investing in a leather jacket is a fashion-forward yet bold choice. It can elevate the look of any outfit and make you stand out in a crowd. But there are certain things which you must be aware of before selecting a leather jacket for yourself. These tips will help you style and care for it appropriately, so it can last you a long while. Our do’s and don’ts list will help in your decision of buying a leather jacket that is perfect for you.

  • Do go for real leather

This tip might seem like an obvious one. Yet we might be tempted to buy faux leather as it is cheaper than the genuine stuff. Faux leather jackets might look similar to real leather but are manufactured from synthetic material. Thus, lessening its quality and durability. It will cost you a bit more but consider buying an authentic leather jacket as a profitable venture. You will get more wear out of it and it is worth the value you pay for. So, it is better to stay away from fake leather however good quality it appears to be. You can make the purchase from a reliable brand like to ensure you receive only the best quality. 

  • Don’t mix black with brown

Brown is quite a common and preferred choice of color in leather jackets. Which is understandable because nothing can compare to the richness and supple smoothness of that shade in leather. But when it comes to fashion there are certain combinations which you must avoid as they can look disastrous. In this case, pairing a black outfit with your brown leather jackets will be a fashion crisis. The two shades far from compliment each other so do not put them together. To accentuate your brown leathers just wear same colored shoes or belt with it.

  • Do wear in winters

Depending on the region you live in, not all seasons will be appropriate for donning a leather jacket. But it is a great companion for those harsh chilly days of winter. It checks off all the factors you look for in an ideal outer wear. Not only does it look stylish with any outfit, it is also comfortable and extremely warm. Especially if you buy a genuine leather jacket which promises you the finest inner lining.

  • Don’t wash it in the machine

Putting your leather jacket in the washing machine is a big don’t. When you find it getting dirty the first option is to try treating it with a stain remover. Make sure the chemical you use is made for leather, not for hoodies and is safe for the surface. Also, before trying anything find out if there are instructions written in the inside of its collar. Most jackets come with a “care tag” that feature specific recommendation on how to clean and care for them. A jacket made from genuine leather is not machine washable and can get seriously damaged by it. If there is a small stain, then just blot the area with a damp cloth. For more stubborn spots just use special cleaners that are meant for leather products.

  • Do wear a proper fit

Leather jackets are not one of those pieces which look appealing even when worn baggy. They need to be a proper fit for your body in order to appear as they should. There are a multitude of body types therefore it will need some effort in finding the right one. So, how will you find a leather jacket that is exactly the right size? Well you can order a perfect fit from Forces Jackets that where there is a lot of variety on And the best thing is that you can choose from the myriad of designs available. Whether you want something laid back or even a piece inspired by your favorite movie we have it all. Our best sellers include the latest and most popular tv series or movie wears like the Cobra Kai Jacket. So, if you are looking for quality and a signature outer wear than it is the right place to be.

Final Word

These were some of the basic dos and don’ts of using a leather jacket. By taking care of these few things you can keep the jacket as good as new for a long time. Damp and moisture are the bane of leather so store your valued item in a place that is dry. Read the labels carefully whenever you use a chemical on its surface to make sure it won’t be harmful. Now that you know of all these tips you can confidently make the decision of purchasing a leather jacket.   

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