TranslaDocs: English translation of your immigration documents

TranslaDocs: English translation of your immigration documents

How can you obtain a certified translation of a non-English document?

You must provide supporting documentation for your application for a green card as part of the procedure. Any supporting documentation that is not in English must be accompanied by a certified translation. This manual will help you obtain and submit a certified translation for immigration purposes in the right way.

  1. Which Documents Require an English Translation?
  2. Who is Capable of English Translation of Foreign Language Documents?
  3. What is the price of a translation?
  4. How Do You Define “Certified”?
  5. Special Circumstances
  6. FAQs for Preferred Translation Services

Whether the paperwork pertains to the relative sponsoring the application or the relative seeking the green card, all documents required by the U.S. government for a green card application must be translated into English. Several instances include:

  • Birth certificate (the most frequently translated document)
  • a marriage license
  • divorce decree (if you’ve been married before)
  • police statistics
  • Banking records

NOTICE: An English translation of your passport is not required. If you’re unsure whether a document has to be translated, you can consult the reciprocity schedule.

Important: Even though multilingual documents contain English, Boundless has observed an increase in RFEs (Requests for Evidence) on them, which can cause applications to be delayed by many months.

The certified translator may be any person who believes that they are fluent in both English and the language of the source document (for example, Mandarin or Spanish). (For a further description of the certification requirement, see below.)

Additionally, some U.S. Embassies and Consulates only accept interpreters from specific companies. For instance, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the only translation source accepted by the American embassy in Athens, Greece. (Before requesting a service, take sure to verify the precise specifications with the American embassy or consulate in your region.)

What is the price of a translation of documents on TranslaDocs?

If a friend or member of your family isn’t willing to translate your documents for free, the cost will depend on the location, the service provider, the quantity, and the intricacy of the documents. However, professional translation services in the US are frequently available for $20–40 per page (see our recommended supplier below).

The choice to accept a certified English translation is always up to the immigration officer assessing your paperwork, even if current immigration legislation permits you or a relative to act as your own translators if you can show that you are actually fluent in both languages. Therefore, to prevent any delays or difficulties with your marriage-based green card application, it is a good idea to seek the assistance of a professional translation agency or a friend or family member with such experience.

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