Top attractions places in Poland

Planning a trip to Poland and are looking for places to visit in the country? Or have already booked direct flights to Poland from USA and need help with your Polish travel itinerary? Well, then our guidebook on top attraction places in Poland is here to help you out.

Poland is a beautiful country and a popular traveling destination across the world. And with the decrease in prices of booking a flight from USA to London or Poland or any other European destination, there is a high demand for tickets to the country.

No matter if you are a history buff, beach bug, or regular traveler, Poland has something for you. Poland is a country that has a record 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, making it a great place to visit for archeologists as well. The country has amazing hiking trails, crystal clear waters, friendly locals, and cheap markets, basically everything you can wish for.

And thus, it becomes extremely difficult for travelers to select which destinations they should visit first in Poland. If you are facing the same problem then this article is your solution to the best Polish locations. Here are mentioned the top attractions places in Poland for travelers to help them plan their Polish holiday.

Let’s know the top attractions places in Poland

Wieliczka Salt Mine, Wieliczka

A salt mine standing on the Polish grounds since the 13th Century, this salt mine is a great historical and archeological site in Poland. Being one of the oldest and longest working salt mines in history, this salt mine enjoys great love from the locals. 

This beautiful salt mine has stopped working in 1996 and is now converted into a rustic museum. Here, you can go through the salt-making process through the drawings depicted on the walls. The statues that the museum holds are all carved out from rock salt walls. You can also visit the deep chambers of the salt mine and enjoy the epic architectural marvel.

Warsaw Old Market Place, Warsaw

The oldest market of the Polish capital city Warsaw, Warsaw old market is in working since the 13th century. But that isn’t all that you should know about Warsaw’s Old Market. The market was damaged up to 85% by Nazis during World War II and is restored to its original shape lately.

The market architectural design is a perfect blend of medieval architecture, including Gothic architectural design. The building in the market is colored with pastel bright colors, along with the merchant’s houses residing here. While visiting here, you will find many beautiful cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy a pleasant meal or a coffee. 

If you are interested I Poland’s rich history then you must visit the Historical Museum of Warsaw branch

located here. This branch contains some great art pieces prepared by some of the most popular Polish artists. 

Malbork Castle, Malbork

A castle as old as the 13th century, Malbork Castle plays a very important role in Polish history. This beautiful Teutonic castle was built by knights, which was quite popular in Poland during those times. This castle was once the biggest Gothic architectural building across Europe and the widest in the area.

This castle is now converted into a museum, reminiscing about its story and many others to tourists from across the globe. The must-see places in the museum include its perfectly preserved gorgeous rooftops and medieval designed kitchen. 

Auschwitz-Birkenau Camps, Oswiecim

A unique location across Poland, these camps must be a part of your Polish travel itinerary. These camps were used to keep safe 9 lakh Jews from German-occupied countries. These camps are a great place to know about how the war affected the jews. You can also see many proofs that belong to the time of WWII. 

As the war ended, Nazis destroyed the gas chambers before fleeting from here. But even after the fire, many structures are still standing to date. 

Lazienki Park, Warsaw

Covering over 76 hectares of land, Lazienki Park is one of Poland’s largest urban parks. The parks came to life in the 17th century when they were used for bathing by the nobles. But today the site is open for everyone, along with the beautiful gardens around it.

The closed structures that were used as baths in earlier centuries are now converted into compact museums and art galleries. The gardens also have a beautiful compact temple of goddess Diana that is a popular site among tourists. 

The grounds of the garden also have a standing statue of famous Polish composer Frederic Chopin. This statue was purposely destroyed by Nazis during WWII and was then restored to its original shape.

Crooked Forest, Gryfino

A unique forest residing in Gryfino, Crooked Forest, is a popular Polish traveling site among tourists visiting the country. The forest contains a good number of pine trees standing while maintaining a 90-degree angle. These trees are standing on their own while maintaining this shape for ages and no one knows the basic cause for it.

These trees are covered with a dense forest of straight-standing pine trees with beautiful flora and fauna. The crooked pine trees were first planted here in 1930, but then no one knew that they will develop having this unique shape. Despite many popular theories, it hasn’t been found that why these trees have developed into a crooked shape. And the availability of perfectly shapes pine trees around them makes it more mysterious for tourists as well as the locals. 

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