Top 16 tech companies in 2023

A tech corporation is concerned with studying, developing, producing, and supporting technological tools. Depending on the firm, they may build computer hardware, software, or applications. From streaming networks to e-commerce platforms, technology businesses may also develop online goods and services.

The technology sector may be an interesting one. You’re at the forefront of innovation, working in fast-paced, exciting workplaces. Those fast-paced workplaces, however, may be stressful. Check read our essay on the benefits and drawbacks of IT jobs.

If you decide that a career in technology is for you, you will most likely want to work for a well-known organization. But what really constitutes a “top” business in the technology industry? The market value and size of the firm are two common measurements. Below is a list of some of the most prominent technological businesses in the world.

(If you lack technical skills, don’t be discouraged: many roles at these organizations, from product managers to recruiters, do not need them. Learn more about non-technical employment in technology.)

Now, on to our list of the top IT behemoths! Please keep in mind that this data is from April 2023; market value and size figures may change.

1. Apple, Inc.

·        $2.68 trillion in market capitalization

·        Size: 154,000 workers

·        Cupertino, California is the location.

Apple is a computer and consumer electronics firm well known for its stylish iPhones and Macs. The company’s origins may be traced back to 1976, when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak built a microcomputer in Jobs’ garage.

A glance at Apple’s Career website reveals a wide range of prospective career choices, from retail to hardware and software development. Apple is also looking for people with experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

2. McKinsey & Company

McKinsey and Company are an international management technical consulting organization. We are the world’s most trusted counsel to the world’s largest corporations, governments, and organizations.

We aim for world-changing client impact.

We collaborate with world-class organizations in the corporate, public, and social sectors. Because of our size, breadth, and understanding, we can handle challenges that no one else can. We have extensive functional and industrial knowledge, as well as a broad geographic reach. We are excited about taking on massive issues that are important to our clients and, in certain cases, the whole planet.

We collaborate with our customers in the same way that we collaborate with our coworkers. At every level and opportunity, we help them develop their strengths and leadership skills. We use this to assist establish internal support, get to the bottom of actual problems, and provide realistic solutions.

3. Samsung

·        Market capitalization: $83.58 billion

·        Employees: 266,673.

·        Suwon, South Korea is the location.

Samsung Electronics is a multinational corporation that manufactures electronic goods such as cellphones, appliances, semiconductors, and memory chips. In 1938, the firm began as a food trade shop.

Samsung U.S. offers jobs in sales, corporate support, marketing, and technology. It’s evident that you don’t need a degree in IT or computer science to work here.

4. Microsoft

·        $2.28 trillion in market capitalization

·        Number of employees: 182,268

·        Redmond, Washington is the location.

Microsoft’s most well-known products include its Windows operating systems, Office suite, and Internet Explorer browser. You may be surprised to learn that

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is also the man behind the Xbox video game systems.

Microsoft offers positions available for computer science and other technical degrees, such as AI and software engineering. It does, however, provide professions for non-techies, such as customer service.

5. Amazon

·        $1.07 trillion in market capitalization

·        Employees: 1.6 million

·        Seattle, Washington is the location.

Jeff Bezos launched Amazon as an e-commerce platform mainly for books. Today, the corporation is involved in e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, artificial intelligence, and online advertising.

Given how many various things Amazon does, it’s no wonder that the corporation provides a wide range of professional opportunities. Whether you have a degree in software engineering or a GED, you may work for the ‘Zon in a variety of positions ranging from warehousing to software development.

6. Linkitsoft

Linkitsoft develops bespoke software solutions to meet the unique requirements of enterprises. We recognize that every organization has distinct needs; thus, we always use our knowledge to guarantee that your specific software requirements are addressed swiftly and cost-effectively.

Our specialist bespoke software development services save costs and improve income by streamlining organizational operations from idea to code, development to deployment.

By collaborating with us, you may beat the challenges of producing accurate software and obtain approach to high-quality solutions at acceptable pricing.

7. Dell

·        Market capitalization: $32.24 billion

·        Size: 165,000 workers

·        Round Rock, Texas is the location.

Michael Dell created Dell in 1984, from his square room at the University of Texas in Austin. Dell is now a main maker of personal computers and computer equipment.

Take a peek at Dell Technologies for a type of possibilities. It has a broad range of skills, from sales to tech support to 5G. Dell also has areas available for specialized categories, such as latest graduates or veterans.

8. Sony

·        Market capitalization: $121.78 billion

·        Number of employees: 108,900

·        Tokyo, Japan is the location.

Sony began as a television production firm in 1946. Sony current manufactures customer devices such as cellphones, cameras, and the PlayStation video game system.

Sony offers a broad variety of vocations. Administrative services, engineering and good condition control, information technology (IT), legal, finance, and another fields are described.

9. GumGum

GumGum is a contextual-first, worldwide digital advertising chanel that serves engaging creative advertisements that capture consumer attention without the usage of personal data. We don’t require to know who you are at GumGum to serve related and interesting adverts that coincide to your active state of mind. We think that a digital advertising business engaged on context rather than personal data creates a more democratic and less intrusive internet future that advantages consumers, publishers, and advertisers alike.

10. Broadcom

·        $262.85 billion in market capitalization

·        15,000 workers are employed.

·        San Jose, California is the location.

Broadcom is a telecommunications-based infrastructure technology leader. Its origins may be traced back to the 1960s, with early devices including fiber-optic transmitters and receivers for data transfer.

Broadcom provides a variety of job opportunities due to its wide portfolio. You might, for example, assist in the development of semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions or work on the marketing team. It is determined by your degree.

11. SAP

·        Market capitalization is $157.92 billion.

·        Employees: 111,961.

·        Walldorf, Germany is the location.

SAP was created in 1972 in Germany by five entrepreneurs who were all former IBM workers. SAP still has its headquarters in Germany and continues to develop software and management solutions for business operations.

SAP has employment openings in approximately 80 countries. License compliance expert, technical services manager, developer associate, warehouse manager, and sales executive are all possible positions.

12. Accenture

·        $175.88 billion in market capitalization

·        Employees: 674,000

·        Location: Dublin, Ireland

Accenture is an Irish-American consulting firm. Since its inception in the 1950s, it has expanded via the purchase of other technology startups, including Symantec and Imagine a Technologies.

Accenture offers a wide variety of professional opportunities, from operations to digital strategy, consulting, and technology. Whether you like to spend your days coding or assisting customers in a service department, the organization offers a position for you.

13. Salesforce

·        Market capitalization: $197.32 billion

·        Number of employees: 79,390

·        San Francisco, California is the location.

Salesforce, formed in 1999, is one of the list’s youngest firms. Salesforce is now a popular customer relationship management (CRM) solution used by businesses all over the globe.

Salesforce positions are classified into three categories: sales, technology and product, and customer success. Those with a business degree, for example, may work in sales. The IT department is calling if you have an IT degree.

14. Adobe

·        Market capitalization: $172.39 billion

·        Number of employees: 11,847

·        San Jose, California is the location.

Adobe has long been renowned for creating software for graphics, photography, animation, and multimedia. The firm has now extended into other areas of technology, such as a customer experience management (CXM) platform.

Adobe teams encompass design, engineering, product development, and research. You don’t have a technical degree? Not to worry. Consider careers in marketing, corporate planning, sales, customer service, and government relations.

15. Intuit

·        Market capitalization: $123.97 billion

·        Number of employees: 10,600

·        Mountain View, California is the location.

This software business specializes on financial software. It’s the brains behind well-known programs like QuickBooks and TurboTax. They also own the email marketing service Mailchimp.

Intuit, like the other IT organizations on our list, provides a mix of technical and nontech positions. You may search for jobs depending on the platform you wish to work on (for example, Mailchimp or TurboTax).

16. Capgemini

·        Market capitalization: $29.24 billion

·        Size: 340,700 workers

·        Paris, France is the location.

Capgemini originated in the 1970s as a data processing and enterprise management organization. Since then, it has expanded via the purchase of additional IT firms such as Hoskyns Group and Altran.

Capgemini jobs include both corporate and technical positions. You may search depending on your career path, such as seasoned professional vs recent graduate. Roles are also offered in a variety of settings.

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