Top 11 Essential Skills for Successful Web Designers in 2021

A performance appraisal method can do an excellent job at evaluating how good a web designer is. But what are the essential characteristics that one should measure? While many necessary skills make a successful web designer in 2021, here are the six of them.  

#1. Technical Skills 

This one was a given. Technical skills, including knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, are vital. As obvious as it may sound, some web designers prioritize one of these and neglect the others. That should not be the case. The secret to becoming a successful, all-rounder professional web designer is to be equipped with multiple technical skills. 

Other essential technical skills include being comfortable with content management systems, webserver management, online marketing, website optimization, and UX. User-interface, graphic design, and color theory are also important things that a web designer should be comfortable with. It gives you an edge and an upper hand over competitive web designers. 

#2. Communication Skills 

Regardless of what field you belong to, communication skills are vital. These skills involve your language skills, understanding capabilities, tone, convincing powers, and body language. Your communication skills are measured based on how well you can convey a message and understand it. It also matters how good you are at explaining and convincing the client to make the decision you are proposing. Being professional yet humble and approachable is the key element to becoming a successful web designer that clients love. 

#3. Project and Time Management Skills

Project management is crucial, but so is time management. And both of them are an integral part of becoming a successful web designer in 2021. As a web designer, you must know how much time the project will take and how you will manage it. Also, you must be incredibly clear and transparent about this process to your client (again, your communication skills come into play). You must stick to the deadline and manage the different projects you’re handling at a time. It is also essential for a successful web designer to manage work and social life and create a balance between the two. 

#4. Critical Thinking Skills 

In case of an unexpected event, a Web designer should be a fast thinker to immediately create effective, and practical solutions. Critical thinking is also essential when you don’t know how the client will react to your proposed design. Being able to convince the client, answer their random questions, and satisfy them with your delivery is absolutely essential. Making subtle but important decisions is always an important part of the job.  

#5. Taking Feedback and Criticism

Successful web designers know how to extract valuable feedback from the client. Plus, a professional would always take this feedback seriously and positively. The designer should handle criticism with grace, and they should work on their flaws in the future. Losing your temper, becoming defensive, or feeling disheartened if the client offers you critical feedback is not what a professional web designer would do. It is your choice to ask for feedback at the end of the proposal or after every milestone to ensure that the process is going smoothly. However, at the end of the day, you should know how you plan to implement the feedback and make yourself a better professional. 

#6. Patience 

Lastly, patience is one of the essential skills a web designer should have in 2021. Whether the client is taking too long to respond or he’s hard to satisfy, you must not lose your calm. Stay as patient as possible and let the client take his time to decide. The same applies when a particular step is taking too long in the process. Instead of being frustrated or looking for shortcuts, be patient throughout the process. It’s one of the most constructive elements of your character as a web designer. 


Many skills and characteristics make a web designer successful. However, the six skills mentioned above are absolutely necessary. Consider them building blocks of your character to become a well-loved professional in 2021. Incorporate them into your educational background and your personality. A patient, knowledgeable, professional leaves a significant mark and creates an honorable reputation.

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