The Stigma of Mental Health and Suicide

Suicide is a catastrophic incident. It can be a really emotionally trying time for those the deceased left behind, as they try to wrap their heads around what just happened. It is hard to come to believe a loved one committed suicide. Unfortunately, the society has stigmatized suicide. In an effort to make sense of it, they label the person who ended his or her life as being selfish, crazy and unreasonable. They believe no circumstances in life could make them think about committing suicide. But it is always hard to tell. Life itself is unpredictable. Some life circumstances can be too much a burden and what comes to mind at the time is to commit suicide. To them, this is the fastest way to ease the burden. While family members grief the death of a loved one, the agony witness by suicide scene cleanup service is different. Cleaning up a suicide scene can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is not a task that family members can undertake. They need an expert suicide scene cleanup company.

Friends and family of the deceased are often plagued with shock and guilt. It is so unfortunate that the society today, despite the advancement, make them feel shamed and disgraced. They tend to stigmatize suicide. Depression and mental illness are hard to overcome. It takes a lot work to help an individual pull through this health problems.

Signs Indicating Someone at Risk of Suicide

You can just walk up to an individual and start talking about suicide. You need to be sure that the individual is harboring suicidal thoughts before taking the steps. So what are the possible signs to look out for? These include

The feelings of hopelessness and being trapped

Threatening about killing oneself

Talking or writing about ending one’s life

Isolation and withdrawing from loved ones

Attempting suicide

Gathering sharps and other weapons such as knives, guns, or pills.

Excessive use of drugs

If you feel someone has thoughts of suicide, please do not hesitate. Reach out to them as fast as you can. The best part is that you can always get help for suicidal individual online any time of the day, all year long.

Some of the steps to take include

Asking the person if he or she has thoughts of suicide. You are not out of place for asking such a question

Show compassion and concern

Listen without giving advice or judging

Encourage them to live a positive life

Don’t argue or try to persuade the person that there is so much that this life has to offer. Talking a person out of suicide is a herculean task and it takes time.

Do not promise confidentiality. Remember, someone might lose his or her life if you fail to take any step. If you can’t fix it yourself, seek for help.

After the death of a loved one through suicide, it can be difficult for loved ones to cope with their death. What grieving families often fail to talk about is cleaning up after the body has been removed. Call on suicide scene cleanup service for assistance.

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