The Key Features of The SWARTZ Type 64 Ground Relay

The Swartz Type 64 Ground Relay is designed to protect equipment enclosures and act as an alarm system in DC switchgear. The relay is designed with solid-state, rugged construction, self-diagnostic features, and transient surge protection.

This relay is a type 64 3A3A1G1 Type NTT approved as a ground fault trip relay. A ground fault trip relays are designed to conduct current for 3 seconds to the following circuit once triggered by any voltage from a ground fault.

This relay is designed with the red lamp for triggering indication and “see no evil” even if it is not grounded. The relay is designed with a reset timer that it will automatically reset after switching off the fault.

The following are features of the SWARTZ Type 64 Ground Relay:

  • It is an air gap type ground fault trip system designed to protect enclosures within switchgear.
  • It can act as an alarm system for switchgear.
  • It uses solid-state construction, requiring no moving mechanical parts or system adjustments. This protects against dust, vibration, water, and other environmental hazards that would compromise the mechanical portion of a conventional electrical relay.
  • It is field-configurable, making it ideal for a variety of applications.
  • It is NTT Type 64 approved.
  • It is suitable for switchgear not exceeding 1000 amperes, depending on the enclosure size and other system factors.

The relay can be used in switchgear that operates at up to 1000 A at 600 V AC or DC voltage. The relay meets the IEC and NTT Type 64 specifications.

The protection relay is designed with self-diagnostic features that automatically report the nature of the fault before switching off the fault current. Each of these features helps to reduce maintenance costs and improves plant reliability significantly.

Alarm system

This function serves as an alarm to alert personnel in the event of a fault. It is also used to track the location of ground faults by measuring ground currents.

Ground fault detection

The relay is designed to detect the presence of any voltage from ground faults. The relay is designed with transient protection that protects the equipment from transient overcurrent caused by lightning strikes, switching surges, and other disturbances.

Timer function

This function provides a cutoff time of three seconds after a ground fault has been detected. This includes time for personnel in the equipment enclosure to shut off the faulty circuit before tripping all of the circuits in that enclosure.

Reset function

This function resets the relay after a ground fault has been detected. This helps increase reliability and is especially important in the case of a small ground fault that may not reset the relay.

The SWARTZ Type 64 Ground Relay is designed and manufactured in the USA. The SWARTZ Type 64 Ground Relay applications are mainly used on switchgear, motor control centers, transformers, and other power distribution systems.

For nearly a half a century, Swartz Engineering has been at the forefront of industry safety. They are a family-owned company specializing in power distribution for the electrical industry. Our design ensures maximum flexibility for excellent reliability and a high return on investment. Click here for more information.

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