Tasmanian Hobart Private Temporary Fence & Equipment Hire Rental

Tasmanian Hobart Private Temporary Fence & Equipment Hire Rental

Tasmanian Temporary Fence hire is a local business based in Hobart City that is focused on making your event, festival, construction site and anything that may involve temporary fencing hire in Hobart City or further out around Tasmania. With up to 1000 meters of temporary fence’s available to hire in Hobart City and further beyond, we can work with any size of event or festival that you may need or are thinking about. 

Our fences are built to a premium quality and are heavy duty mesh wide spaced fences that are perfect for anything you will need in temporary fence hire in Hobart. With 7 day delivery available for your temporary fence hire in Hobart or further around Tasmania and also both early morning or late night pack downs for your temporary fence hire. Temporary fencing is an inexpensive way to protect your property from theft or vandalism while allowing people to enter and exit your business safely. There are several different types of temporary fencing available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

We look forward to assisting you with your temporary fence hire services and options in Hobart City or further around Tasmania. Temporary fencing is an affordable way to keep unwanted visitors away from your business. It’s also a great solution when you need to temporarily block access to a construction site or other area that needs protection.

Tasmanian Temporary Fence & Equipment Hire is a division of TasEquipmentHire and forms part of of our equipment based services division. Temporary Fence Hire: How long can i hire some of your temporary fence for?

A great question. We can offer temporary fence for hire for as long as you like. Most quotes for temporary fence services start from 1 week and upwards to 3 months or more. Because most of things that you will need to hire temporary fence for are outside projects or construction sites where the work will continue along for quite a while. 

Temporary Fence Hire: Do you have standard prices for fence hire based on meter’s needed are do you have a sliding scale?

We have a standard amount that we offer our services and equipment for hire for. However were often will asses the job requirements and make an appropriate decision to make a 500 meter job competitive for you to consider. Generally most jobs that we offer temporary fences for run from 100 to 250 meters. 

Temporary Fence Hire: Will the price for fence hire include the services needed to setup and take down your temporary fences?

Our quote will include the dollar amount as a separate charge to setup or take down our temporary fence hire. Depending on the size or length of your job needs, our temporary fence setup or pack down will be included as an FOC in the total quote amount. 

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